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YMMV / D-Tox
aka: Eye See You

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  • Cliché Storm: Stallone plays a cop who, after punching a Cymbal-Banging Monkey, finds out his wife has been killed by his nemesis, a Cop Killer who started out killing Disposable Sex Workers (complete with the old "I was removing diseased filth" excuse). He develops a drink problem and is sent to a remote, snowy rehab place. People get killed off one by one. And who's doing the killing? Why, the Evil Brit!
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  • Complete Monster: The mysterious Serial Killer kills police officers by first incapacitating them with a power drill in the eye, then shooting them in the head, before leaving the corpse hanged on the ceiling. He does this in order to provoke the FBI agent Jake Malloy, who some years ago pursued him for a series of murders of prostitutes (a thing he calls "removing diseased filth"). He kills Malloy's girlfriend Mary in the same way he kills the cops in order to break him even more. Believed to be dead, the killer fakes his own death. Still eager to ruin Malloy's life, he follows him to a rehab center, kills one of the patients, Frank Slater, and takes his identity. After leaving no one the chance to escape the clinic he starts viciously killing most of the patients this time using melee weapons like a knife or an axe, killing one of them via electroshock. In his last breath he sadistically taunts Malloy that Mary called out his name one moment before "he drained the life out of her."
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  • Paranoia Fuel: The film starts with Malloy's girlfriend Mary being murdered by being shot in the head/eye while answering the door. With a silencer. Just imagine, you're sitting at home, every time you hear a knock, you nonchalantely go to answer a potential murdered/thief while thinking how boring your life is. And those may be your last thoughts on Earth.

Alternative Title(s): Eye See You


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