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For the Minecraft YouTuber:

  • Accidental Innuendo: This happens with alarming frequency, usually between Dream and George. More often than not, it's lampshaded.
    • During Minecraft, but we can't stop flying, while Dream and George get into a boat together, as a result of the data pack, the position they get into is... unfortunate (17:13).
    • During the Lava Rain video... (20:50)
      George: Yeah, that was my idea.
      Dream: Just like last night.
      George: That sounds weird!

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: The "Dream SMP War" animatic by SAD-ist portrays both the Dream Team and L'Manburg in a different light.
    • George is depicted as Dream's prospective heir and a loyal follower of his who remains largely quiet but competent all the same.
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    • Sapnap is also shown as a loyal follower of Dream, but is mostly depicted as a bloodthirsty fighter who relishes destruction and combat. When he's shown raiding the L'Manburg base he's outright grinning, and when he's shown burning down a forest he's got a Slasher Smile.
    • And hell, the war itself, being a roleplayed event, offers a different look at both sides.
      • Dream is depicted as a wise and competent yet ruthless leader who is willing to wage war to reclaim the land he believes is his.
      • Wilbur is shown as Tommy's wise mentor and L'Manburg's elected leader who tries to keep Tommy reined in. He's rarely shown getting outright angry, and even when staring down Dream he's moreso acting out of loyalty to L'Manburg than pure anger.
      • Tommy is a hotheaded rookie who genuinely wants to help L'Manburg but frequently does things such as provoking Dream to fight against Wilbur's wishes. He eventually develops into a wiser person willing to sacrifice anything for independence.

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  • Awesome Music: Every one of the background songs Dream plays in his videos. Dream even said on his Minecraft Manhunt Debunking livestream that when he's editing, he times his cuts to his music.

  • Broken Base:
    • The shipping of the Dream Team. Some argue that people shouldn't be shipping real-life people, while others don't see a problem with it. For the record, Dream & George themselves have stated that they don't mind it.

  • Fridge Brilliance: The reason Dream gets hay bales at the beginning of the grand finale? So he could use one of them to escape the hunters by going on top of a mountain and jumping off, placing the hay bale on the ground right as he lands.
    • For a while, this troper was confused as to why Dream drank a fire resistance potion before dropping TNT through the End portal in the "3 Hunters Grand Finale" video, as it wouldn't give him protection from the TNT (and he wouldn't have gone in until the TNT detonated anyway). But then the realization—in the first 3 Hunter video, the End trap that killed Dream was a lava trap. Dream was simply prepping himself for every possible contingency, dropping TNT to kill the hunters and destroy any physical traps, and drinking the potion in case they simply used the lava trap again.
      • And to go even further, look at Dream's hotbar in that moment. He also has a bucket of water and Ender Pearls, in case the hunters knocked him off the edge.

  • Heartwarming Moments: In general, the videos and clips that show Dream and his friends are as close as brothers. Considering their most famous outings have them trying to kill each other, it's nice to see moments where they're just chill.
    • Everyone's happiness when Dream hits 5 million subs during the "3 Hunters Finale Rematch" bonus video. They go through similar happiness when George hits 1 million subs.
    • Dream has done two videos (well, a video and a Twitch stream) debunking two videos about his own contentnote . While Dream doesn't support the beliefs expressed in the videos (and in fact manages to disprove the points in both videos), he also states that he actually doesn't mind the videos themselves and warns his fans against attacking the creators behind them.
      • Notably, Dream remains calm when countering each point of the "Unsolved Mystery of Minecraft Manhunt" video. However, when the video suggests that none of the hunters seem to improve over time, Dream actually gets noticeably annoyed and takes extra time to defend the hunters' skill. After all, they're his best friends and there's a reason he has them be the hunters. Just because Dream doesn't hate the video or anyone involved doesn't mean he won't stick up for his friends when said video calls their skill into question.
    • In the eighth Minecraft Championship, the final game (Dodgebolt) sees Dream and Technoblade's team (the Pink Parrots) against the Aqua Axolotls, who entered the game leading in points. While most of the teams are supporting the Aqua Axolotls, a few of the teams can be seen rooting for the Pink Parrots, among them the Green Guardians and the Red Rabbits. Or, for context, the two teams holding George and Sapnap and TommyInnit and WilburSoot respectivelynote .
      • After Dream lands the final shot and wins MCC for his team, the aforementioned teams go nuts, with George, Sapnap, Tommy, and Wilbur all cheering. Just goes to show that no matter how many Manhunts are held or how often Tommy can be found badmouthing Dream, these guys will always be good friends of Dream's.
      • And not to mention, when the Pink Parrots win MCC, Dream turns to the right and looks straight at Sapnap. Sapnap, wearing the Pink Parrots' banner, is jumping up and down in celebration.
    • In the eighth Minecraft Championship, everyone in the Pink Parrots and their stream chats begin to cheer on KingBurren after he manages to clutch a 2v1 in the third round of Dodgebolt.
      Dream: They call him king for a reason!
    • During the buildup to the Dream/Technoblade duel, both Dream & Techno mention that they have nothing but respect for each other, and that neither of them truly mean the jabs they throw at each other. They also warn their fans against attacking the other regardless of who wins. This carries into the duel itself and even its aftermath.
      • After the duel, despite Techno winning 6-4, the two duelists wound up splitting the prize equally. And even further, it's revealed that the two decided on splitting the prize before the fight in order to take off some of the pressure from the fight.
      • A subtle example from the fight. At one point, Techno gets distracted with stripped logs and his mind wanders completely from the fight. Dream could easily use the opportunity to combo Techno and earn a quick point, but instead he waits patiently for Techno to finish what he's doing.
    • In Bad's stream celebrating 1 million subs, Dream congratulates Techno on his victory in their duel and commemorates his bravery and skill despite immense pressure mounting on him, knowing Techno had more to lose from the duel than Dream did. Dream outright states that while he would've liked to win for his own sake, he sees Techno winning as the best option for everyone, knowing that Techno would've never heard the end of it had he lost.
      Dream: We were friends before the fight, and I'm glad we're able to be friends after the fight.
    • There are plenty of them in George's video, "Minecraft, but I'm Not Colorblind Anymore" where George tries on colorblind glasses for the first time with Dream. Dream is so happy for his friend to be able to see Minecraft as it was meant to be, and at one point mentions crying because of this.

  • Like You Would Really Do It: In combination with Spoiled by the Format, if Dream gets in a tricky situation where death is waiting, and the video is not close to ending, he usually survives.

  • Memetic Badass: Dear God, Dream himself. As if the stunts he pulls aren't already impressive, the fanbase runs with it and repeatedly portrays him as an unkillable god-like being with Plot Armor akin to an anime protagonist. Dream's famous escape near the end of the 2 Hunters video is really where that took off.

  • Memetic Loser: A couple of comments have noted that the Ender Dragon has gone from being the Final Boss of the Manhunts to being nothing more than an obstacle at best compared to the hunters and Dream, and a by-stander at worst. Not helping is the fact its fight is sometimes almost entirely cut out.
    • One shining example is in the 3 Hunters Grand Finale. The End portion of the video is instead dedicated to the hunters setting up a trap & Dream overcoming that trap, with the dragon not even being mentioned. And when the trap is dealt with, Dream's casual "Come here, dragon!" says all we need to know about how nonchalantly he takes it out (to where we see under twenty seconds of Dream destroying the End Crystals and attacking the dragon).
    • The 4 Hunters video, on the other hand, brings the Ender Dragon back into the spotlight as the hunters team up with it and heal it.

  • Memetic Mutation: Dream singing a little ditty called "Under the Tree."

  • Memetic Psychopath: Dream himself once more. In real life he's a pretty chill and amusing guy who has a competitive streak when playing against friends, but otherwise gets along great with them. In fan portrayals he's a borderline insane murderer who frequently toys with his prey and wouldn't be out of place in a slasher film. Basically just his appearances in Manhunt taken Up to Eleven, and it likely fuels the fire that whenever he's the hunter in George's videos, Dream acts just as psychotic as he's portrayed.

  • Most Wonderful Sound: Dream screaming "YES" when he successfully gets away from the hunters in Minecraft Manhunt.

  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • When Sapnap is the hunter in the "Full Diamond Juggernaut" video, it's easier to count the moments he isn't this.
    • Whenever Dream plays psychological warfare with his opponents moments before attacking them, whenever he's the speedrunner it's depicted as him turning the tides of war. When he's the hunter, however (and even moreso when it's from his opponent's point of view and thus Dream's position is unknown), it's utterly terrifying.
      • One commenter put it best:
        YouTube Comment: Watching Dream is like he’s doing a challenge, watching George is like a survival horror game.
    • Dream's portrayal in the Nether-only speedrun on George's channel. He's utterly maniacal.
      • One of the best instances near the 20 minute mark. George is just bartering with a Piglin, minding his own business, and all of a sudden...
      • And then the ending. As Dream is chasing an utterly terrified George and dramatic music plays in the background, he has this to say:
        Dream (sounding gleefully deranged): Nowhere to run! Nowhere to hide! You're a dead man walking!

  • Older Than They Think: Dream started his channel on Feb. 8, 2014, and got his first 1,000 subscribers during that time. After that, he didn't upload for five years.

  • Rooting for the Empire: Just because it's Dream's point of view doesn't mean people have to root for him over the hunters. Likewise, in George's videos where the roles are reversed and Dream takes the "antagonist" role, it's not uncommon to root for Dream.

  • Self-Imposed Challenge: Dream has successfully done many really difficult challenges in his videos.
    • The popular Minecraft Manhunt series, in which Dream has to speedrun Minecraft, while the hunters try to hunt him down. They each have a compass, which makes it easier to find Dream and hunt him down.

  • Signature Scene: There are several.
    • The ending of "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 2 Hunters", where Dream survives being knocked into the void by sheer luck and a particular blunder on George's part, causing Dream to receive Sapnap's Ender Pearls and escape before winning the game. It's easily the most iconic moment in Dream's Manhunt series.
    • The endings of both Death Swaps. The Manhunt series hadn't yet been a major recurring series, so the first Death Swap was the point most people were exposed to Dream's quick thinking and ability to reverse any bad situation.
    • The entirety of the 3 Hunters subseries of Manhunt. 90% of Dream's greatest feats are from these videos alone.
    • The ending of "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters GRAND FINALE" nearly tops the 2 Hunters ending. Dream dropping TNT into the hunters' unbeatable trap from an entirely different dimension was not something that anyone predicted to happen.

  • Spoiled by the Format:
    • If Dream hasn't gotten to the End near the end of the video, that's a warning sign that he doesn't make it. In a few instances, however, this can be Dream intentionally misleading his audience into believing such—one video had him make it to the End within a minute or two of the video ending, and that was one of the games he won.
    • Similarly, if Dream is cornered or on the run with half a heart left in a manhunt, but the video has several more minutes to go... yeah, he escapes somehow. Furthermore, it's guaranteed that Dream survives the early game chase since in the few cases where he does get punched to death fairly quickly, everyone just scraps that recording and we never see it.

  • Tear Jerker: At the end of George's video "Minecraft, But My Friend Is A Dog...," Dream the dog dies while they were fighting mobs. Sad music plays and a montage of when Dream the dog was alive plays in monochrome.

  • What an Idiot!: In the Grand Finale, Dream finds some diamonds. (8:39)
    • You'd Expect: For Dream to cover up the diamonds while the iron was smelting, or for Dream to split up the cooking with the second furnace he placed down.
    • Instead: Dream just waits there for the one furnace to finish smelting the iron, and does absolutely nothing about hiding the diamonds. The hunters then find the diamonds, and get half of it.

For the novel:

  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: A few, notably the one where the fourth wall started malfunctioning and the Starship Entrancefee sequence.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome
    • Izumo, too many times to list here.
    • Lani immediately after Izumo is sent to another dimension.
    • Alania in Coreng, although this is also a Crowning Moment of Squick.
    • Spirit Tsunami XVIII, almost as soon as he arrives. I told you it was set considerably later than the Chaos Chronicles?the name I've taken as my troper name and identity on most sites comes from the original, not from the character in this story.
  • Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming: Surprisingly common.
    • Deirya and Souya's sisterly bonding in Chapter 48.
    • Alania suggesting a "date" with Rin'ku after her near-death experience in Chapter 157.
    • But most of all, Alania's conversation with Kisa in Chapter 200.
      Kisalia: With all of these couples falling apart right before your eyes, how can you still be so confident in The Power of Love?
      Alania: ...I have Rin'ku. That's all I need.
      • Note that Kisa was not officially part of the True Companions at the time, and that this was the first time Alania had admitted her feelings for Rin'ku to anyone else (besides Rin'ku himself).
  • Epileptic Trees: Just what is Piru, anyway?
  • Hollywood Homely: Acknowledged as such during the Pool Scene:
    Sekiya: I look horrible. Maybe if I went off on my own I'd look good, but surrounded by all of you, I look horrible.
  • Like You Would Really Do It: If a character survives for one entire season, they're probably not going to be dying, period. Or maybe not...
  • Narm: The end of the Shadow Executive arc.
  • Squick: The ending to the Super-CEO saga. Possibly even Nightmare Fuel, but absurd to be sure. Also, Hoshimaru's attacks. And in story, the nameless grunts from the same saga.
  • Toy Ship: Tillli and Tomai.
  • Wangst: Happens quite a bit, but oddly enough, Oroko ends up being the worst offender.

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