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YMMV / Cyclops (2014)

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  • Awesome Art: Russell Dauterman draws very nicely. The colours in particular are highly praised.
  • Author Existence Failure: Actually, Author's Father's Existence Failure, as original writer Greg Rucka's father was terminally ill with cancer and would later die while Greg was writing the first few issues. He ended up leaving after issue #5 because in his words, "My dad started to get worse and here I was writing this book about a young boy and his father and of course I’m thinking about me and my father and my son and my father with my son. It just became too difficult to write. And I had plans man, I had plans. But I just couldn’t do it.”
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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Teen!Scott's status as this is probably the reason this series exists.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: In Cyclops #4 Scott really doesn't want to admit his father is right about some creepy alien animals tasting like chicken, so Chris jokingly tells him he's not too old to be spanked. The joke isn't very good on it's own but when coupled with the knowledge that prior to joining the X-Men Scott was physically abused on a regular basis it can cause this. Not that Chris has any idea about this.

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