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YMMV / Cyborg 009: Call of Justice

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  • Awesome Music: Both the opening and ending MONKEY MAJIK made for this series are really good.
    • A.I. am Human is a very melodic and catchy song that's pleasant to listen to and gives the opening a unique feel.
    • Is this love? is also a really good song that perfectly closes each episode.
  • Base-Breaking Character: The Blessed. Are they an interesting new foe that fits in the already weird world of Cyborg 009, or are they rather underwhelming replacements for the more colorful Black Ghost and Cyborg operatives and feel like they suddenly come out of left field?
  • Complete Monster: Emperor is the mysterious leader of the Blessed. In order to evolve the human race more to his liking, the Emperor resolves to initiate a process that will kill 95% of the human population all so he bring 5% under his control. After his initial plan fails, Emperor decides to combine his remaining powers with 001's psychic powers so he can "reset" humanity and rebuild their society from scratch. When his subordinate, Catalina, betrays him after forming a bond with 009, Emperor punishes her by wiping her entire mind and reducing her down to her base instincts. Emperor then announces his intention to do this to all of humanity so he can reprogram them to worship him as a god. Though at first appearing to be a well-intentioned being, the Emperor's true colors are eventually revealed to be that of a egotistical lunatic, who even admits that he "never really had [a heart] to begin with."
  • Superlative Dubbing: The English dub is really good, giving each cyborg a voice that matches their personality, and is enough to distract from some of the jerky visuals.