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  • Complete Monster: Sister Jill is the cruel, sadistic leader of Panther Claw who desires Honey Kisaragi's Airborne Elemental Fixing Device. Capturing women through either manipulation or by having them turned into mannequins, she makes them her Panther kaijins. Disguising herself as Inspector Genet to get closer to Honey, she becomes obsessed with her beauty and power, seeking to capture her to make her an elite kaijin. She places Iron Shadow as mayor to allow Panther Claw diplomatic immunity, while also having her sell weapons to secure Panther Claw's budget, having her and the investors bombed when a deal goes poorly. Having little regards for her kaijin, she lets them get killed by Honey, kills some herself, and forgets them after they're defeated. Working under Panther Zora's orders to spread terror and chaos to acquire Honey's device, Jill sends her kaijins to capture Honey, threatening them with death if they kill her. Jill plans to acquire the device by breaking Honey's spirit to the point where she will willingly give it up to her. To this end, Jill orders the destruction of St. Chapel Academy, killing everyone there and even executing Snake Panther for supposedly killing Honey; kidnaps Natsuko to engage in a fake hostage deal with the PCIS, which results in the death of 8 of her kaijin and Natsuko; and has Honey squashed until she's scared and powerless, later killing Dragon Panther when she helps Honey.

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