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YMMV / Curse of the Mutants

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  • Evil Is Sexy: Jubilee after being turned into a vampire. She looks good indeed.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Cyclops when he manages to turn the final battle's tide in the X-Men's favor by reactivating Wolverine's healing factor after he was turned into a vampire and allowing the X-Men to fight back. He also gets Dracula to back off by revealing that he placed a bomb inside his body after resurrecting him as a mean to keep him in check. Dracula claims he is bluffing, but becomes so impressed he concedes to his wish.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • In Storm & Gambit, the duo locates a temple where Dracula's body is being kept, but they cannot leave or bring reinforcement until they turn off a force shield down. Storm finds out the shield is powered by a special machinery that hooks humans while they are slowly fed on by Moksha vampires. Since they can't cut the victims down without killing them and they were surrounded by enemies, Storm is forced to Shoot the Dog and kills them all to guarantee the X-Men's arrival. At the end, she was shaken by the fact she was forced to break her no-kill rule and worst of all, on an innocent.
    • The Rue Blood shortstory is extremely heartwrecking: Rogue meets a vampire named Damen, who 200 years ago was an Indian man who fell in love with an American woman named Rue that was murdered by klansmen because of their mixed-race relationship. He was turned into a vampire and waited centuries to meet his lover's reincarnation, whom he believes to be Rogue. Turns out he is wrong, as Rue reincarnated as No-Girl, a telepathic girl reduced to just a Brain in a Jar who uses her powers to possess Rogue and communicate with him. He is so horrified he offers to turn Rogue while No-Girl is in her body, but she refuses since that is merely a body she borrowed and not her real self. No-Girl opts to use Rogue's powers to absorb his memories, only to discover that he is an Empty Shell - nothing remained of the man her original incarnation loved. This revelation breaks Damen so hard he hands his sword to her so she can put him out of his misery.

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