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YMMV / Cry Wilderness

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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment:
    • The scene with the drunk motorcyclists. Adds barely anything to the movie.
    • The mayor's scantily clad girlfriend. What, she's supposed to establish he's a sleaze as well as a Jerkass?
  • Designated Hero: Paul. He is completely Too Dumb to Live, never listens to any of the adults around him which results in him getting in trouble, and causes many of the problems that happen to the main cast. It's possible that the entire plot wouldn't have happened had he just stayed at school. By the end of the MST3K episode featuring this movie, Jonah and the bots were even hoping something would happen to the kid to put him out of the movie.
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  • Glurge: This movie teaches a very important lesson... that you should snuggle wild bears and raccoons because they're all silly and harmless rascals, disobey your parents because they're useless and would probably die without you, and believe in ridiculous fairy tales about Bigfoot with no evidence or else you're an evil piece of trash that deserves to get your eyes clawed out by an eagle!
  • Ham and Cheese: The actors playing the three bikers are clearly having the time of their lives, despite getting less than five minutes of screentime.
  • Memetic Mutation: Bigfoot dramatically shouting "WAKE UP, PAUL!".
  • Narm:
    • Morgan shouting and swinging around a musket like a katana in Paul's dream. He looks and sounds like a cosplayer trying too hard to look threatening.
    • Bigfoot is built up to be a majestic and mystical creature. The costume used in the movie, which is more like half of an ape costume with a human head exposed, really does not help the film sell this.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Morgan choking the raccoon, which fully appears to be the actor actually doing it to a real animal. It's incredibly upsetting to watch even with Jonah and the Bots.
    • Morgan having his eyes gouged out by a hawk, which the audience sees the bloody aftermath of.
  • Special Effect Failure:
    • The Bigfoot exhibit at the start of the film is the actor in costume just standing there. He very clearly sways around during Paul's conversation with Mr. Douglas.
    • The Stock Footage of animals throughout the movie often really looks out of place. It's especially obvious with the shot of the two bears wrestling near the very beginning of the movie.
    • As Paul and Jim walk down a path toward Red Hawk, you can see the leashes that the wolves in the background are tied to.
    • Jim (the Native American hunter) is given so much face make-up that his skin is an unrealistic, bright tomato-red. Oddly, the other Native American character in the film (Red Hawk) has normal skin tones and no make-up.
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    • The Big Foot costume is laughably incomplete, and it looks like the actor's skin is visible. The hood sticks up oddly, likely because there's hair under it. At one point you can even see the zipper.
    • The rocks that fall on Paul's dad are obviously styrofoam, and Paul's attempts to pretend they have weight to them only serves to highlight it.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: Despite clearly being aimed toward families, and the screenwriter being explicitly demanded to make it appropriate for children (see Trivia page), the film features some dark humor (see Eats Babies on the main page), explicitly drunk bikers, and a character getting their eyes bloodily ripped out by a hawk.


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