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Criminal (Comic Book)

  • Complete Monster: Delron Krumsky is the psychopathic lieutenant for a drug kingpin. After getting freed from prison in order to track down a load of heroin that the protagonists, Leo and Greta, had inadvertently stolen from an evidence van, Delron murdered the latter's elderly mother and took her daughter as leverage. After tracking Greta down, he tortured her for the location of the heroin by driving nails into her palms, and eventually killed her in spite of his partner's attempts to stop him. When Leo found him at a motel with Greta's daughter, we learn that he was planning to sell the little girl to Russian slavers. Upon discovering Leo, Delron naturally tries to beat him to death before getting killed himself.
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  • Moral Event Horizon: Delron's plans for Greta's daughter. Father Mike crosses it when he has one of his young soldiers murdered for saving Tracy Lawless




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