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YMMV / Crime Zone

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  • Base-Breaking Character: Shiro seems to be disliked by a portion of the fandom due to his inability to do anything but run away and cry. However, a larger portion don't mind this fact and even defend him, claiming that it's realistic and understandable given the situation, and also citing how he's at least characterized as a good person who cares about his friends instead of a cowardly pervert, as is common for similar manga. Albeit, this manga does also choose to take the less common very serious route when it comes to this sort of premise when it easily could have been another harem comedy.
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  • Narm: As this author chooses not to make use of Magic Skirts, readers are often treated to countless Panty Shots from Eruka and female vampires during scenes that are meant to be dramatic and suspenseful.

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