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  • Complete Monster: Reginald "Reg" Slater, from "Ghost Dance", is a racist trucker who kills First Nations women, slowly bleeding his victims to death before dumping their bodies along the highway. Murdering Ellen Owens at the start of the episode, Reg returns to her sister Kaya Grey's truck stop to sexually harass Kaya, and ensure that she is maintaining his collection of photograph decorated mugs; unknown to Kaya, each photo depicts one of his victims. Snapping a photo of Kaya—and thus announcing his intent to kill her at a later date—Reg subsequently runs Lucy Mack and her children off the road, kidnapping Lucy and murdering her the same way he did Ellen. Linked to ten murders, and planning far more, Reg's killing spree is finally halted when Kaya Grey and Lazarus Keefe take the law into their own hands and put him out of action.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Idaris John/Melungo the Wizard crosses it in flashback when he convinces Benjamin Omari to chop off another boy's foot, under threat of being burned to death.
    • The two shooters in "The Tennants" & "Voices" who murder nine people in total, and injure eight more in an effort to become famous cross it the moment their motive is revealed.
  • Ship Tease: Aiden and Daniella had some. Aiden and Clara may have, depending on how you want to interpret some scenes in "Voices".
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: The show's message that the mentally disturbed are suffering from an illness and should be treated could not be much more obvious, with episodes like "No Traveller Returns" serving to really drive the message home. Given how the mentally ill are often treated and the general public reaction to them, even in modern societies like Canada and the United States, it's a point that's worth making, as often as possible.

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