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YMMV / Crab War

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  • Game-Breaker:
    • The Golden Leech Skill. It spawns a leech that lasts 30 seconds and gives a percentage of Reptile Gold per tap during that period. What makes it so valuable is that the gold drop is multiplicatively affected by three Mutations, allowing you to get massive sums of gold to level your Queens by a lot and push past otherwise troublesome walls. Tellingly, it has an insanely long cooldown of 1 hour, although there's a Mutation for that to cut it down to 30 minutes. However, butterflies have a small chance to activate this same skill at a reduced duration after watching a simple 30 second advertisement, and this doesn't trigger or reset the cooldown.
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    • Ember Tipped Carapace is by far the most important Mutation in the entire game. It gives you huge amounts of extra DNA points per Ecdysis, which means more DNA to spend for more mutations including itself.
    • When it comes to genes, Treasure Butterfly is the must-get Gene. It causes the blue butterflies to drop 1-10 precious pearls for free, and very rarely an even more precious gem for free. Pearls and Gems are normally obtained via Bribing Your Way to Victory or as a rare drop from yellow butterflies, and this can help save up a lot of money that one could spend.
    • Maxing out the Jade Scarab's grid requires a good bit of dedication within a week, but the results are very worth it. Apart from getting several Gems, Gene Points and a huge amount of Pearls as rewards, it also gives huge bonuses to all your damage, huge bonuses to your gold find, extra DNA from Ecdysis, and other things.
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  • Genius Bonus: Ecdysis is the scientific term for the act of molting that several animals undergo as they grow. It serves as your New Game+ mechanic here and gives you DNA to spend on Mutations to make your crabs grow stronger.
  • Scrappy Weapon: The Scythe Pincers Mutation is generally considered the worst Mutation in the game, since it halves the cooldown of the worthless Colossal Crab which deals very negligible damage.

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