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YMMV / CoryxKenshin

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  • Broken Base: After he took his longest break, many fans decided they were done with him and unsubscribed.
  • Nightmare Fuel: After one of his Schedule Slip (see below) incidents, Cory revealed that he had gotten in a car accident after falling asleep behind the wheel. Although no one was hurt, things could have been much, much worse...
    • The 3 AM video has a lot of this, but the ending especially so.
    ''What are you doing in my house?"
    • Cory getting shot from behind with a shotgun, then having his beard his moustache and his hair all fall off his face automatically changing to a shocked expression with his pants and boxers falling down. Cory just stands there, not moving blinking or breathing as if he were a statue and the fact that this has literally plagued over 25,000 people's dreams turning them into nightmares.
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  • Schedule Slip: Because of the stress put on him by editing videos, his breaks from making videos has ranged from three days to six months.

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