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YMMV / Concrete

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  • Anvilicious: Paul Chadwick is not afraid to showcase his personal opinions in his stories, nor is he afraid to have his characters act as spokespeople for what he believes are worthy causes. Subtle, he is not.
    • Concrete once spent a whole 8 page comic ranting about environmental woes, while Maureen imagined herself as a personification of the earth, suffering.
    • Similarly, almost the entirety of the Think Like a Mountain miniseries is focused on the author's concerns about the environment, with the characters themselves taking a back seat.
    • The Human Dilemma is better at balancing the character's lives with the author's population growth worries, but still manages to bring the sledgehammer down on readers' skulls pretty hard.
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  • Awesome Art: Chadwick's moody, melancholy, realistic-yet-whimsical artwork is probably the best part of an already very good comic.
  • Cult Classic: It's one of those kinds of comics that rarely makes headlines, and not many people have heard of it, but everyone who has heard of it loves it deeply.
  • Iron Woobie: He's loathe to dump his problems on someone else, but if you don't feel for Concrete at some point in the stories, you probably have a heart of stone.


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