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YMMV / Composure

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  • Memetic Molester: In-Universe, Twilight's Guilt Complex lead herself to believe that kissing a knocked out and amnesic Celestia whom was seriously injured nonetheless is similar to rape and that she's a horrible pony for doing so. This trope became Lampshaded, Defied, and then Averted.
  • I Knew It!: Luna can go into other ponies' dreams and protect them from their own nightmares. And then this episode aired......
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  • The Woobie: Let's say that everyone in the fic became a woobie at one point. Especially for Celestia who can't catch a break after struggling to avoid letting her nightmares get the best of her. Not only that but to avoid revealing her true feeling for Twilight. Made worse by the fact that Celestia herself suffers a major breakdown and turned to a Superpowered Evil Side reluctantly after being too repressed on her true feelings.