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YMMV / Community S2 E06: Epidemiology

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  • Crack Pairing: Shirley/Chang.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Rich's prediction about the progress of the zombie apocalypse - they'll be dead in a year.
    • Why does Troy get the message that Shirley slept with Chang? Because Troy's last name is the first alphabetically in the group. Chang would probably have him first in his contacts.
    • In the Politics of Human Sexuality, Chang is shown grabbing tons of (defective) condoms. This could explain the less than fortunate outcome of his hookup with Shirley. Of course, Chang was around when it they were revealed as defective, but then again, it is Chang.
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    • Rich's proposed solution (lowering the thermostat to break the fever and kill the virus) has no medical chance of working in the real world. At the very least, one or more students should have died from blood loss from their bite wounds. Why does it work? Because Rich is The Ace, and has never lost a patient in 10 years, and as the first physician on the scene all the students are technically his patients.
      • This troper interpreted it more as the army was the ones who cured the students, but they would have died had the thermostat not been lowered, but it didn't cure them, just stopped them from dying
    • Dean Pelton saved the entire planet by buying out the whole stock of "taco meat" and preventing the possibility of multiple patient zeroes, then quarantining the college to contain the infection to a single building.
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In this episode, Troy decides to dress up as a "sexy Dracula" to attract more girls. Donald Glover would later voice Vampire King Marshall Lee in one of the genderbent episodes of Adventure Time - which also featured George Takei as a guest voice.
  • I Am Not Shazam: Troy says he's dressed as a "sexy Dracula," and doesn't get why Abed insists he means "sexy vampire."
    Troy: I don't need to know which Dracula I am to know I'm a Dracula. Nerd.

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