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  • Base-Breaking Character: YUKI MIZUSHIMA. He is often flirting and slapping the butt of other girls, as well kidnapping them several times, to the point he even raped Umi Sonoda once!, leading to people both on the wiki and the discord (although mainly in the discord) to hate him, although this didn't stop a few users from defending him.
  • Broken Base: The torture gags in roleplays that involve Yuki Mizushima and Nico Yazawa suffering in a lot of ways, mainly having their stuff sold. Either you think that they deserve it, because of their rude behavior, or dislike it because they have gone though enough torture.
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  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Seitekina Taiyo x Eli Ayase seems to be one in the wiki. It's even canon in the Community Plaza: The Series!
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: "For Fun" type, where everyone literally doesn't mean it and only "fight" over ships for the fun...although serious incidents over Yuumi (Yuki Mizushima x Umi Sonoda) has occured before whenever that ship or Iasumi (Iason Inabi x Umi Sonoda) is better.

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