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The Fanfic

  • Aborted Arc: The entire story from Jun 4, 2016 up to April 10, 2018, because that part was a crossover that fell apart due to lack of interest from the rest of the authors.
  • Broken Base: The most recent chapters, which takes place in the Stellaris universe, have shattered the fanbase, in part because Drich willingly allowed virtually every sentient being in the galaxy to be annihilated by The Unbidden. Those who support her decision have noted that they deserved it, as Drich explicitly notes that, if all the races in the galaxy banded together, they could defeat the Unbidden, but instead, the native empires decided to continue trying to wipe eachother out. Detractors have pointed out that this stil condemsn millions of relatively innocent people to die because Drich thought they were dumb. Adding to this, a fair amount of fans believe that Drich will eventually become the Random Omnipotent Being who started the story and that this event is the first action that sets her on that road.
    • The base seems to have calmed after Drich decided to use time travel to rebuild the civilizations.
  • Canon Discontinuity: Everything from the original chapter 201 up to the revised version is no longer canon, due to the author deciding to write it out of canon, as that arc, which was a crossover, ended up grinding to a halt, with one of the participants (Faith in Superior Firepower Faith) actually ending her story during the arc. In-Universe, it's treated as an Alternate Timeline Drich viewed via their powers from Achron.