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  • Awesome Music: "She's Your Queen To Be".
  • Best Known for the Fanservice: Those topless servant girls who clean Prince Akeem's "royal penis" at the start of the movie.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: The extended native dance at Akeem's wedding announcement.
  • Ear Worm: "Soul Glo", "She's Your Queen To Be", and Sexual Chocolate's version of "The Greatest Love of All."
  • Friendly Fandoms: One emerged with Black Panther (2018) after the latter's release in 2018. It helped that many of Black Panther's castmembers are fans of this movie, even throwing a Zamundan-themed costume party, complete with McDowell's caterers.
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  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: In this movie, Eddie Murphy plays an African prince who goes to America to find love. In his earlier standup special "Eddie Murphy: Raw", he does a whole bit about going to Africa to find love. Compare both to what really happened.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Akeem talking about the New York Giants defeating the Green Day Packers with a field goal kick, which would happen in the 2007-08 playoffs. Also a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment for Packers fans.
    • For this or "Funny Aneurysm" Moment, James Earl Jones as King Joffer walking around with a massive lion skin stole. At least he died of natural causes. Oh wait....
      • In The Lion King, Mufasa's servant Zazu humorously suggests that his brother Scar "would make a very handsome throw rug".
    • A fast food restaurant obviously ripping off McDonald's, barely staying out of legal trouble with the real deal? It was McDowells in this 1988 film, and MaDonal in the real world's Kurdistan in the following decade. The founder wanted to bring a real McDonalds to Kurdistan, but was refused a franchise.
      • Ripping off McDonald's to the point that the franchisee of a McDonald's a half mile down the road came with his lawyer to threaten the set crew with a lawsuit.note 
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    • Speaking of McDowells, Samuel L. Jackson's sole scene in the movie has him unsuccessfully rob a food establishment; in one of his most famous roles, he thwarts the robbery of a restaurant.
    • Akeem's arranged Queen-to-be was Imani Izzi. In 2016, Eddie Murphy had a daughter named Izzy.
  • Memetic Mutation: The scene of Semmi opening the door to Akeem's apartment only to find the king before him, screaming, and closing the door quickly. You'll find many a modified GIF of it.
  • Minority Show Ghetto: Inverted. Despite it's praise from audiences of all races, Eddie Murphy has expressed some frustration that it's frequently snubbed from countdowns of "Best Movies With All-Black Casts."
  • One-Scene Wonder:
  • Rated M for Money: When looked at from end-to-end, the movie really only earns its "R" rating by the bath scene near the start (where the women are topless and are apparently washing the prince's genitals underwater and offscreen) and the swearing (none of which feels absolutely necessary outside of the "good morning" scene). The rest of the movie is by-and-large a rather innocuous love story.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • Eriq La Salle as Darryl Jenks.
    • One of the guys getting his haircut is Cuba Gooding Jr.
    • Not to mention that the guy who tries to hold up McDowell's is none other than Samuel L. Motherfucking Jackson!
    • Big Brother Jake drops f-bombs as a cabbie (assuming anyone remembers that show).
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: While she's not intended as unsympathetic, Imani's character (or lack thereof) is Played for Laughs, with her Extreme Doormat tendencies presented as comically abhorrent. But the fact that every detail of her upbringing has been for the express purpose of serving and pleasing Akeem implies that the potential for her own personality to develop has been totally repressed, which can make her come across as quite a tragic figure - especially when she is unwanted after all.
  • Values Resonance: Like Trading Places, the themes about how wealth, or lack thereof, affects how we perceive ourselves, probably make the movie a bit more poignant in the wake of the Recession. Especially since more people are working in retail jobs like those at McDowell's than ever before. note 


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