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YMMV / Comes and Goes (in Waves)

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  • Captain Obvious Reveal: Some people feel this way about Ghost Klaus turning out to have been captured by the Commission instead of killed, while others were completely blindsided.
  • Jerkass Woobie: In for the ones who try again, Five regresses in his Character Development, antagonizes his siblings, behaves erratically and obsessively, and does not particularly seem equipped to save the world.
    • However, this behaviour is forgiven by many because Five literally just saw his Living Emotional Crutch get murdered, by weapons he himself helped develop, and now he has to save the world all on his own and while grieving his brother - who, by the way, has an oblivious past self walking around, to add to the trauma. Between Five's frequent panic attacks and shrinking options and inability to feel positive emotion, it's almost impossible not to feel sorry for him.
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  • OTP: Platonic. Though it may not have been your BroTP before, after reading this series you'll be gushing over Klaus and Five's interactions like the rest of us are.
  • Squick: Ghost Klaus expresses that he wants to screw his past self. Ew.
    • Additionally, nearly everyone thinks that Five and Raithe are screwing. Ewww. Especially since Ghost Klaus pretty much raised Five.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Pretty much every time Klaus thinks about his darker days out on the streets.
    • The drabble When It Rains features Five coming to terms with the fact that his brother experienced repeated sexual assault to the point where he barely considers it noteworthy.
    • Ghost Klaus's Last Stand had everyone crying, and the comments on the final chapter of 'for the ones who think they can' were almost 5 times as numerous as the instalment's average.
    • Canon Klaus comes to believe that Five is homophobic, and considers him 'disgusting'. As he notes, his sexuality is pretty much the one aspect of himself his family has never had a problem with.
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    • Five's slowly deteriorating mental state during 'for the ones who try again', thanks to a combination of grief, guilt, stress, and several unfortunate misunderstandings with Canon Klaus.
    • Canon Klaus is the one who goes looking for Vanya instead of Allison. When he finds her, he almost manages to talk her down, until Leonard forces the reveal of Allison's rumor. Vanya freaks out and triggers a Vietnam flashback in Klaus, and he desperately tries to get her away from the 'warzone'. This makes Vanya fling him away in a panic, causing lethal injuries. The worst part is how Klaus is still in the middle of his flashback, so even as he's dying he's thinking about how Vanya needs to get somewhere safe.
  • Writer Cop Out: in addition to Ghost Klaus's Disney Death, some readers may find the combination of Deus ex Machina and Debate and Switch to resolve perhaps the largest climax in the series so farnote  cheap and dissatisfying. However, it's likely that they'll find the former less so than the latter, since everybody saw it coming.

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