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YMMV / Collective Soul

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  • Epic Riff: "Shine", "December" and "Heavy" all qualify.
    • Same goes for "Where the River Flows."
  • Memetic Mutation: The obligatory "Yeah!" shout in "Shine".
  • Narm: On the first four or five recordings, Ed Roland had a tendency to add a "W" sound to the first word of almost any line that began with a vowel. It sounded like he was either inserting ad-libbed "Whoa..." or "Well...", such as "She doesn't care/what the prophets say/w'anymore" or "w'all the words that I need to hear". Whatever the case, it made for some unintentional comedy, especially as one line that began with the words "I believe" became "Why believe that love comes round and round."
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  • Signature Song: "Shine", of course. To lesser extents, "December" and "The World I Know".

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