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  • Broken Base: Year of the Black Rainbow, musically and both lyrically/story wise, is either one of Coheed's best albums, or one of their worst. The elitist fan base on Cobalt And Calcium doesn't help matters,
  • Epic Riff: "Welcome Home."
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Nearly every top comment on any Coheed and Cambria Youtube video will be about Claudio's hair.
  • Face of the Band: Claudio Sanchez, lead singer, guitarist, author of the comics that nearly all of the band's songs are based directly on and owner of a massive amount of curly hair.
  • Heartwarming Moments: "2's My Favorite 1." I embrace your defects.
    • "Atlas", the song Claudio wrote for his son.
  • Listener Gender Confusion: Claudio's androgynous singing voice tends to throw off a lot of first-time listers, who assume that the band is fronted by a woman until they actually see it coming out of a very hairy, masculine man. Special mention goes to the first verse of "21:13", which many listeners initially assumed was done by a female guest vocalist. Nope, just Claudio without any effects on his voice whatsoever!
  • Lyrical Dissonance: "Wake Up": "I'll do anything for you, kill anyone for you..."
    • "Number City" is a danceable ska-influenced song about Sirius' wife dying in a car crash.
    • "Three Evils" has Claudio cheerily sing the following, set to the happiest notes of the song: “Pull the trigger and the nightmare stops!”(Repeat)
  • Narm: The Word Salad Lyrics can't be taken seriously every moment.
    • Also because it's easy to mishear the lyrics, even causing mild Memetic Mutation in the fandom with some common or hilarious ones (Most famously "Barking Apple of Doom" in Welcome Home and "Should the Iron Negro Hungry" in In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3).
    • More Mondegreen narm comes from "Three Evils", whose opening line sounds an awful lot like “Across floor in the hangar where we drove that Jew”
    • There's also the fact that the Writing Writer is being told to kill off characters by a talking bicycle.
  • Signature Song: "Welcome Home" without a doubt.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song
    • The main riff for "Welcome Home" has often been compared to "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin.
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    • Similarly, the beginning of "A Favor House Atlantic" sounds like the the beginning of "Truth Hits Everybody" by The Police (same key, same chord, same drum pattern).
  • Tear Jerker: Many:
    • The song "Time Consumer", when you realize it's about two parents being forced to kill their children.
    • During Coheed and Cambria's rampage throughout the ship Gloria vel Vessa, they encounter numerous soldiers who plead for their lives, mentioning that they have families and kids to take care of. Considering what General Mayo Deftinwulf forced Coh and Cam to do, this is not a good idea.
    • The dialogue between Sirius Amory and The Allmother at the end of "The Dark Side of Me" Allmother: "I am not capable of comprehending human rationale. Sirius, is this what love is?" (Dramatic Pause) Sirius: "Yes."
    • The climax of the song "Gravity's Union" is extraordinarily heartbreaking. Sirius believes that the doctors chose to save him and not his pregnant wife (Therefore "Let the wrong one in")
  • Win Back the Crowd: Even though The Afterman: Ascension had people who disliked it for similar reasons as YOBR, it sort of managed to win back some of the fans- for one, the band were back to writing eight-minute epics, and Josh Eppard was back.
    • For the fans who were disheartened that The Color Before The Sun moved away from the fictional universe of The Amory Wars, "The Dark Sentencer" (the first single for the upcoming album Unheavenly Creatures) was seen as a triumphant return.


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