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YMMV / Code Geass: Awesome of the Rebellion

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  • Critical Research Failure: The Chess game in chapter 8, which among other things has three people playing against each other, Awesome moving a piece during Schneizel's turn, Suzaku moving all his front pieces forward at once, and Awesome winning because "his king reached the end of the board".
    • And yet that Chess-game is nothing compared to the one in chapter 13, which really seems to be more just "some random war-game with a few elements of Chess in it mixed in with a ton of completely unrelated stuff". And even that doesn't come close to the sheer mind-boggling lack of common sense in the politics at play in that chapter.
  • Designated Hero: Awesome. The narrator repeatedly assures us that he is a kind, noble and heroic leader and yet he constantly murders any enemies who try to surrender to him, has the biggest ego ever, (at one point his subjects chant that "Awesome is the greatest" to which he "modestly" replies "Thank you, thank you. I know I am.") and by chapter 10 he's just blowing people up for no reason at all.
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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Despite being in the same story as a God-Mode Sue, Jeremiah "Orange-Kun" Gottwald is still just as badass as ever.
  • So Bad, It's Good

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