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  • Broken Base: Nolan's feelings for Jennifer, and their relationship. Some fans are fine with it because it's not sexual in nature and makes for an effective foil for Harris's feelings, while others are squicked out and disgusted that a relationship between an underage girl and grown-up is being portrayed positively. According to the creator, the latter reaction was somewhat intentional and their relationship isn't intended to work out.
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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Gotts for both averting Police are Useless and being the only character who takes being chased by Scissorman in stride. His best scene is when Scissorman appears, he calmly draws his gun and shoots him. Of course, he quickly discovers his bullets don't have any effect...
  • Narm: As typical of survivor horror games from this time period, the voice acting is... less than stellar.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Ending B of Jennifer's Scenario, which you get if you do everything to get ending A, but then fail to get or use the dagger on Edward/Dan when he's trying to pull a Taking You with Me with Jennifer, leading into her getting dragged into the vortex alongside him, and we're then treated to a cutscene of Helen and Nolan visiting her grave.
    • Ending C of Helen's Scenario: which you get if you use the fireplace key to go to the church instead of encountering Gotts and getting his gun to shoot the lock, leading into you only being capable of watch as Jennifer gets killed by Scissorman, followed by getting the map and finding out about the secret passageway under the fountain. When Helen gets to the passageway, she finds Professor Barton who tells her that he found the secret to defeat Scissorman, but when Helen walks past him he then stabs her in the back, with Helen only being capable of pitifully saying "Professor?" before dying and, similar to Jennifer's B ending, we're then treated to a cutscene of Gotts visiting her grave.
      • Compared to the one above, this ending is worse. Jennifer B had her pulled in with Scissorman, while Helen C had Helen dying before solving the mystery and doing anything about it. As Gotts stands at her grave, you can hear scissors in the background, showing that the case still isn't closed and the murders will continue.
  • That One Level: Scenario 2 is arguably the most difficult of the three scenarios. Scenario 1 was a fairly large area and the university had plenty of places to hide and escape. While Scenario 3 doesn't have any reusable SAFE (keyword being safe as the only reusable way of fending off Scissorman is the door to nowhere, which requires you to give up a point of strength to survive it) hiding places, the castle at least is large enough and has enough room for you to continue running while you come up with a plan. Scenario 2 takes place either in Rick's house or the library, both of which are very small areas, both with a total of only about 9 rooms. Unless you know what you're doing and where you're going, you can very easily get trapped in a dead end when being chased, and you must find the statue if it's there and either find the location of the Barrows Castle (Rick's House) or find a way for Edward to escape (Library) before you are allowed to leave yourself. Thankfully at least both locations have a reusable hiding place.
    • Of the two choices here, the Library is a bit easier since all of its evasion points will succeed; you just have to know what's usable. Rick's house has two hiding places, a box in the storeroom and the shower stall in the bathroom, that are dangerous to use. Scissorman will always kill you in the box, and it's random if he'll burst into the shower stall and kill you. Also, the pantry-cellar in the kitchen is a very common hiding place for Scissorman to jump out at you if you inspect it, even if he's already chasing you, though it can be used if he's not there. As a result, there's less safe places to use in Rick's house.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: While the North American release of Clock Tower 2 got a very appropriate "Mature"-rating, the European release of the game was rated 10+ (as in appropriate for ages 10 and up)! Not only is the game filled with brutal and gory murders, but the game's very cover art depicting a grotesque-looking man wielding a giant pair of shears dripping with blood should have made it abundantly clear to the ELSPA that the game is not appropriate for kids.


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