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YMMV / Clive Barker's Next Testament

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  • Complete Monster: Wick, "The Father of Colors", is a psychotic, hedonistic entity who inspired both God and the Devil from the Bible. Having caused all manner of chaos in the past, including flooding the Earth just to see how it would look, he was locked away for 2,000 years by his brothers, Unan and Filt, before being awakened by a rich old man named Julian Edmond. After taking Julian's lover as a sacrifice and brutally killing everyone at Julian's encampment, along with almost everyone at a dinner party back at Julian's mansion, Wick announces his second coming to the world by causing every single aircraft on Earth to plummet to the ground at once, killing hundreds of thousands. After traveling with Julian to Hollywood, Wick, bored with what humanity has become and deciding that he preferred the Earth with a smaller population, starts randomly wreaking havoc through the world, killing millions and wiping out the entirety of the Midwestern United States. Wick blots out the sun and has a swarm of locusts assault the world after he is dissatisfied with a pyramid built in his honor, and later murders both a young lady who he supposedly liked as well as Julian, both merely for questioning him. Wick, after failing to see anything worth saving, finally announces his intent to obliterate everything and start over, and even upon his defeat Wick gloats that he'll one day be back. A self-absorbed being with near-limitless power, Wick proves himself to be a far cry from the benevolent depictions of God.

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