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YMMV / Class of 1999

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  • Complete Monster: Dr. Robert "Bob" Forest is the greedy head of Megatech and the creator of the malfunctioning teaching droids. Wanting a multi-billion dollar contract with the Department Of Education Defense, Forrest creates three shoddy education androids, which are in reality military surplus droids with a teaching module inserted in them. When an experimental test run of the droids goes wrong, he refuses to shut down the program, occasionally blaming their victims in the process. When Principal Langford tries to shut the experiment down, Forrest has the droids kill him. When surviving teens confront him in their school, he takes Langford's daughter Christie hostage, gunning down one of the survivors when he tries to stop him.
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  • Retroactive Recognition: Rose McGowan makes her film debut as one of the students.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: For a low budget B-movie, the “damaged Bryles” animatronic is pretty damned impressive and rather creepy.


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