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YMMV / Chuck Norris Facts

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  • Always Someone Better: Usually Chuck is this but, there are a few where he comes off second best:
    • Why does Chuck Norris have a beard? Because his chin was less manly than Bruce Campbell's.
    • Also, be darn sure that if a "Chuck Norris vs. X" conversation goes on long enough...someone will bring up Bruce Lee defeating him. But then, Bruce was Chuck's mentor in the martial arts.
  • Adaptation Displacement: Many Chuck Norris facts are recycled Vin Diesel facts, which have fallen out of vogue.
  • Discredited Meme/Hype Backlash: Some people are really tired of hearing these jokes. Some have also hype-backlashed against Norris himself after learning of his right-wing views.
  • Memetic Mutation: Duh.
  • Older Than They Think: Norris isn't the first person to have been bitten by a venomous snake, only for the snake to die; this actually happened when Jake Roberts had his cobra Damien bite Randy Savage in the ring, only for the snake to die later that night. This is also not a meme or part of the kayfabe angle, it actually happened.note 
  • "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny: Before the Hype Backlash, Chuck Norris Facts was considered to be one of the funniest websites. That was around 2003-04 or so. Years later, you would be lucky if you use one of these facts and actually get a chuckle from anyone.


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