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  • Alternative Character Interpretation
    • Is Vash an extremely ruthless and sociopathic Anti-Hero at the dark end of Type V or a Villain Protagonist with very few redeeming qualities?
    • Another interpretation is that he's a deconstruction (intentional or otherwise) of fictional action heroes, showing what happens when someone receives virtually no formal education, always solves his problems with violence and is powerful enough that few people are even remotely a threat to him. He will kill the villains, but will also kill innocent people, and no one can protect them from him.
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    • Kekanu could also be interpreted as a cunning good guy trying to stop "Vashblade", he's the only one who is able to beat the protagonist in a fight (Granted, he had help but this is fighting against someone who could punch suns) with a bit of forward-planning. Sadly, he was not to last, making way for the Corrupted-self to appear more often.
    • Is the Corrupted Self evil-er twin who murders with even greater impunity, or diabolic mastermind urging on Vash's base urges?
    • The webcomic suggests that when the kids "tackled" Vash after he killed Soku again near the end of Part I, they did so out of hatred since he unintentionally gave suggestions that he was a pedophile.
    • Did Soku make the difficult decision to turn in her friend because she realized she was unable to get him to stop his violent lifestyle, or was she merely opportunistic and motivated by the money?
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  • Angst? What Angst? — When Vash kills his demon-possessed brother, he barely reacts apart from noting that the Shikon jewel turned from white to gray. This is especially odd, considering that when the scientists killed his brother the first time, he went into an Unstoppable Rage, killing them all and destroying the lab.
  • Bile Fascination — Hence, its fame.
  • Designated Hero: Vashblade. He carries out a number of massacres of innocent people with no apparent remorse, and opposes the villains for no apparent reasons other than a desire to fight (or maybe that they got on his bad side), and yet still is supposed to be the hero of this story.
  • Designated Villain: If you're not familiar with the canon storylines of the works referenced, many of the villains' only "crimes" are opposing Vash or even merely being people he happens to cross paths with.
  • Draco in Leather Pants — For Vashblade himself, played straight, as we're supposed to emphasize someone whose heroic batting average is lacking at best. Otherwise? Averted. There's even a scene wherein Roxas realizes Organization XIII are, pretty much to a man, total assholes, and assists Vash in deliverating them to oblivion.
    • In one case, inverted, as sympathetic FFX-2 villain Shuyin is painted as an "ugly" and twisted fiend, despite being a dead ringer for Tidus.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Vash notes that the webcomic artist "sound(s) like an ASSHOLE" for making fun of Humber. Not long afterward, the Humber family contacted the artist, and he had to stop work on the comic.
  • Heartwarming Moments: After ending the comic on the request of the Humber family, Normalman included a heartfelt thank you to all his viewers and fans in the final announcement.
  • Ho Yay — His "fusions," arguably.
    • The cyborg shark called Chridon, they even say to each other that they have "badass male bodies." There goes my sex drive...
    • This story really is THAT insane.
  • I Am Not Shazam: While the main character is a blatant self-insert, his name isn't Christian Humber- it's Vash.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Vash crosses it by not only killing Soku for turning him in to the police, but also killing her friends, her entire family and destroying her village.
  • Narm:
    • Vash yelling "NOOO! WHOEVER DID THIS WILL PAY DEARLY, BECAUSE I LOVED THEM?” is fairly melodramatic but not that bad, until the question mark sends it straight into "unintentionally funny" territory.
    • At the end of "Revenge Against Soku's family," after killing Soku and everyone she loved despite having promised not to kill again, he ends the chapter by saying "By doing that I broke my promise to her."
    • After killing Kekanu for the second time, Vash turns to Kekanu's human followers and says, “Who else wants to die? If you don’t too bad, so sad!”
    • Vash's taunt to a bunch of snobs, while killing them with his dragon form.
    “I will rip out your hearts eat them then crap out your souls, you will taste oblivion, which tastes like Red Bull, which is disgusting!”
    • Really whenever the fic attempts to be even slightly dramatic, it devolves into narm because of either the poor writing, spelling and phrasing, the complete ridiculousness of the scene in general, the stilted and over the top dialogue or sometimes a combo of all four
  • Narm Charm: The announcement of the webcomic's end concludes with "Thanks for reading, and remember that there's a little Super-Saiyan Wolf Demon Dragon Horteka Dark Templar Bounty Hunter in us all...". What would come off as a completely ridiculous line comes off as an appropriately ridiculous and yet somewhat Heartwarming farewell to everyone who enjoyed the webcomic.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap — Kagome, generally dismissed as the "annoying useless girl," is the only force in all of nature who can stop Vash once he goes berserk. He even trusts her with his panoply of megaweapons when he hops off to find Paradise.
  • So Bad, It's Good: The fanfic has poor spelling and grammar, and nothing even resembling a plot or Character Development. That said, it's quite often unintentionally funny, and the sheer amount of over-the-topness can be quite entertaining.
  • Tear Jerker — The fate of Kekanu and his family.
  • Vindicated by History — Vash is an obscenely overpowered bizarre mish-mash of species and professions, equipped with a dizzying array of video game cliches and fused equipment, and virtually none of his insane enemies can stop him and his equally-bizarre sidekicks. Guess what style of storytelling became wildly popular just after the time this was released to the world?
    • In a general sense, the fic has gone from being a popular source of mocking and bullying, to a genuinely enjoyable piece of work with a dedicated cult fan base who adore the story itself, flaws and all
  • Writer Cop Out"With ease" should sum it up, or a new power level or fusion or something.


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