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YMMV / Children of the Lamp

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  • Fridge Logic: Alan and Neil, the family dogs for the Gaunt family, are rottweilers, a breed that is commonly associated with vicious guard dogs and can be dangerous to humans depending on how they were trained or mistreated by their owners. Now consider the fact that these two dogs in particular are actually two humans who tried to murder the twins' father and were transformed into dogs specifically as a punishment for that. And yet the twins' parents aren't shown to have ever been concerned letting these dogs stay around their young children.
    • Presumably, they're smart enough to know that if they hurt the children, they're in for much worse than a bit of involuntary shapeshifting.
  • Nausea Fuel:
    • In the very first book, Philippa gets Iblis to reveal himself as a snake coiled around the head of the innocent woman he's controlling by sending a mouse right into his line of sight, causing him to eat it before he can stop himself. Once he assumes human form, he spends the next half of their confrontation coughing the mouse up, which the book describes in a little too much detail.
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    • In the Cobra King of Kathmandu, the book goes into detail as to how... unhygienic the titular Cobra King is. Philippa about loses her lunch when she sees him rolling his own toe jam into a ball at one point.

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