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  • Moral Event Horizon: Bob implies this is crossed by taking innocent lives. He notes that the first kill is the hardest, but the rest are easier and he expects Rabbit, like him, to become a proficient killer once he takes a life.
    • Although the ending leaves Rabbit's morality ambiguous, it is implied that he did not cross this boundary because he killed Bob and Brad to save Angie and Marie, respectively.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • Jennifer Lynch's father would go on to cast Eamon Farren as misogynistic woman-beater Richard Horne in Twin Peaks - in other words, the polar opposite of Rabbit. The only similarity between Rabbit and Richard is they appear alongside an antagonist named Bob, although Jennifer Lynch stated that her villain's name was not intended as a Shout-Out to her father's villain.
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    • In a DC/Marvel superhero series crossover, Wonder Girl takes on Kingpin.

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