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  • What an Idiot!: Given that this is a word-association game, it's hardly surprising that there are plenty of examples of this:
    • On two occasions, the contestant guessing has absolutely gone blank when the answer was the name of someone on stage with them. In the first case, it was host Craig Ferguson, and later on, celebrity guest Dave Foley (who all but hinted that he qualified under the category being played).
    • Once, in an attempt to convey "Kim Kardashian", the cluegiver said "She owned a lot of hotels," thinking of Paris Hilton. Neither Kardashian nor Hilton have anything to do with hotels.
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    • Craig stated that this character was white and lived under the sea, and did not live in a pineapple. A contestant guessed "SpongeBob SquarePants" anyway (it was Moby-Dick).
    • The category was things that have appeared on the front page of Time, and the cluegiver said it was a band with a very short name. The contestant's guess? "Stone Temple Pilots" (it was actually The Who)
    • Trying to get Denzel Washington, "His last name is our nation's capital." "Sacramento?"
    • The category involved famous Toms and the word was "Tommy Pickles", so the cluegiver said something to the effect of "it's what pregnant women like to eat" (alluding to a superstition that pregnant women have cravings for pickles and ice cream). The contestant guessed "green onions".
    • The word was "Lance Bass"; the cluegiver managed to get her partner to figure out the last name, but when she used "Neil Armstrong" as a clue (trying to get her to relate to Lance Armstrong), she guessed "Neil Bass".
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    • The contestants right after the above two didn't fare well either; firstly, a guesser accidentally said "Al Capone" when trying to guess Al Pacino. When Al Capone actually game up a few words later, the cluegiver passed.
    • A cluegiver somehow confused Lisa Simpson with Jessica Simpson.
    • January 3, 2016: Guillermo the security guard from Jimmy Kimmel Live! is guessing; when the cluegiver points at her buttocks as a clue towards Beavis And Butthead, he guesses Dynasty.

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