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YMMV / Carnage In New York

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  • Complete Monster: Cletus Kasady, the Serial Killer who was psychotic even before he became the chaos-loving creature known as Carnage, ends up in possession of a Psycho Serum which causes anyone subjected to it to go mad with bloodlust. Carnage, after torturing the serum's creator, Dr. Eric Catrall, goes to a party where he violently murders some 20 or so people, and forces Spider-Man to save more. He then cuts a swath through people at a public event to feed the homeless, and attempts to drop the serum in the food for the homeless, which would cause massive casualties. He is stopped, but while escaping attempts to kill a dozen or so people before Spidey saves them. He is captured, but is broken out by a mercenary team and shows his appreciation by playing "the old skin game" with the leader—we are later told he killed 30 or so of the mercenary team—and on his way out cuts one guard's nose off and cuts off the hands of another. He later brutally kills several more people, and threatens to kill hostages if Spidey doesn't show up. Finally, when Carnage's rescuer attempts to launch a pumpkin bomb containing a few drops of Catrall's serum at Spidey, Carnage redirects it into a crowd; the only ones affected are a team of 51 mercenaries hired by Catrall's ex-employee to retrieve the serum. As Carnage watches in delight, the men brutally tear each other apart, while the final 5 are shot by the police.

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