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  • Annoying Video-Game Helper:
    • At any point in the game, if you leave it idling for too long, it will point out possible switches for you. That can be pretty annoying when you're trying to plot your own switches.
    • If you're having a tough time on a particularly difficult level, before you try that level again, it will likely pop up randomly with a message saying that you must be having trouble with that level and offering a powerup tip in exchange for—you guessed it!—real money! That can be even more annoying, especially if you don't want to spend any money and just want to try (and not succeed) again. Sometimes, it just offers a random item that isn't even relevant to the level you're struggling in—like it'll ask you if you want to buy a Bubblegum Troll (temporarily stalls Chocolate Generators) in a level where Chocolate Generators aren't causing you trouble and something like Bombs or Licorice is.
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  • Archive Panic: This game has thousands of levels, folks.
  • Breather Level:
    • After clearing a bunch of Jelly missions, missions that require you to simply reach a certain score are considered far easier, especially if they're later in the game. Oh, some levels later on are score-only levels, just like the Video Game Tutorial levels.
    • The Timed Mission Levels are pretty simple compared to the Jelly levels if you're good at quick thinking... unless they involve bombs.
    • The world "Crunchy Castle" has a bunch of pretty easy levels along with a gimmick that's easy to get around, which is a dispenser that drops licorice. Its sister world, "Holiday Hut", however, introduces the Bomb variety.
    • Candy Clouds, in spite of introducing 5-layer meringue blocks, is a relatively easy area that keeps the number of meringue blocks and jellies underneath them at a manageable level, especially when compared to the bomb dispenser-riddled Holiday Hut and the giant meringue stack-loving Jelly Jungle, the two areas it's sandwiched between.
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    • The last levels in an area are usually the harder ones, but that's not the case for the last level in "Licorice Tower", which is considered very easy compared to the rest of the area, especially the SECOND level. What level is it? You have to take ingredients down ... and it basically gives you two paths - one with two-layered Meringue blocks and one with Licorice ... and this Licorice doesn't respawn either.
    • Level 587 is considered a major breather level, especially in the world its on. It is an Ingredient Level, but the main challenge is trying to waste moves trying to get two Ingredients down from some portals to the bottom of the level. You can make a lot of Colorbombs and Striped Candies with this one, so have at it.
  • Broken Base: The Daily Booster Wheel. There are people who like the addition of the Daily Booster Wheel and how it can give an item that can help with the game. However, there are people who complain that it is rigged and it never gives them Jackpots (if a jackpot was hit, the player would get three of every item).
  • Demonic Spiders:
    • Chocolate Spawners cannot be removed and spawn chocolate which swallows any candy in its vicinity.
    • Licorice Swirls have the ability to stop stripe candies, making even stripe candy combos (including the ungodly striped candy + color bomb combo) almost worthless against them. Licorice Generators are even worse.
    • Bomb Generators turn Bombs into these. Thought the bombs were a minor worry before? Well these things will make the game a whole lot harder than it already is.
    • Toffee Tornados introduced in Soda Swamp. They constantly regenerate and can screw up with Orders - especially the fact that the episode that they're introduced in features A LOT of Order levels, particularly the ones that require you to mix two particular special candies together—without getting hit by one of these tornados.
    • Soda Saga introduces the white chocolate, which is similar to chocolates, only they have 2 layers and will generate two blocks of itself if you use up a round without destroying any of the pieces.
    • Magic Mixers, which can spawn various blockers every few moves until destroyed. They take five hits to destroy and can be hard to reach with all the blockers surrounding them.
  • Fridge Brilliance: The effect of swapping two special candies actually blends the natures of the special candies into one. A striped plus a wrapped has the row/column nature of a striped candy and the 3x3-square and dual (vertical AND horizontal) nature of the wrapped candynote . A striped plus a color bomb has the "all candies of a single color" nature of the color bomb as well as the row/column nature of the striped candy. A wrapped plus a color bomb eliminates all candies of a single color, just as the lone color bomb does, and it has another "dual nature" of the wrapped candy: it clears the board of two colors of candy. Matching two special candies of the same kind simply amplifies its effect to some extent.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • If you exit a level before making a move, it won't cost you a life. Even though the game never tells you this, it can be a very helpful strategy, as you can keep restarting some of the more annoying levels (clear all the jelly, trick bomb positions, or Dreamworld Order levels that require colors that get negatively affected by Moonstruck come to mind) to manipulate the starting layout until you get one that works in your favor.
    • The Moonstruck of Dream World. Sure, it requires you to balance a Moon Meter which can kill you quicker than Bombs if you're not careful, but hey, it can really work to your advantage at large boards (or boards with 6 colors), reducing the number of colors to four colors.
    • The Frog. Just a few matches with candies of the same color as the frog (the frog needs to be included in the matches) and you'll be able to take out a 3 by 3 square on any part of the board you choose.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Candy Crush Saga is ranked No. 1 in Japan.
  • Goddamn Bats: Chocolate. Is this a match three game or game of chess?!?
  • Most Annoying Sound:
    • The piano sound followed by crying sound and this song afterwards, because they come when you lose a level.
    • In the Dreamworld levels, when Odus the owl squawks as he falls off the moon. It's not that his cry is annoying, but it means you lost, and it also feels annoying, when you're stuck on a level.
  • Most Wonderful Sound:
    • The combination of a Colorbomb and a Wrapped Candy make a pretty awesome sound.
    • The "Divine" sounds, along with the Colorbomb and Wrapped Candy sounds, are good to listen to.
    • The sound of a Wrapped Candy/Striped Candy combination. The deep piano chord followed by two deep swooshes is always fun to hear.
  • Obscure Popularity: Despite being one of the most downloaded mobile games out there, people seldom actually discuss Candy Crush Saga.
  • Porting Disaster: The ambitious in idea but terrible in execution game show version of Candy Crush. Sure, make a huge pair of touchscreen arrays out of giant monitors. That's awesome... but here's the thing. It was too big, and no one could even see what they were doing on the screens. Each individual monitor was about as big as face level and had only two pieces of candy displayed at a time, giving almost every player a severe case of tunnel vision as they literally could not make out the game board and blindly moved pieces of candy around with their partners often screaming incoherently and making it even worse of an ordeal. If that wasn't bad enough, Mario Lopez contributed very little to the production in terms of personality, with no snark or wit to be had; his commentary was lukewarm at best, phoned in and forced at other times and likely contractually obligated not to diss the obvious flaws lest it make the brand name look bad. At its worst, what he said could be utterly dull and nervous as he struggled to come up with things to say while contestants repeatedly and painfully made stupid mistakes and played at a level substantially worse than professional CC players, even the veterans themselves, resulting in a show which quickly flagged in ratings and didn't get another season.
  • The Scrappy: Thanks to the Scrappy Mechanic of the moon balance system in the dreamworld levels, Odus is considered one of the most hated character in the games, especially since he makes annoying panicked noises when he's about to fall.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • Spending your real money on powerups and life refills. If you don't have any lives, you have to wait 30 minutes to get another life, or 2 and-a-half hours to get all of your five lives back. You can't increase your max lives either.note  Unlocking later levels costs money too. 30 cents isn't too bad, though.
    • The Conveyor Belts, introduced in Sticky Savannah, are annoying and tricky, and the levels that usually feature them are littered with bombs that are hard enough to get rid of. And what's worse? The Bombs will explode before the Conveyor Belt moves—meaning that if the Bombs were to possibly be taken out by luck of the Conveyor Belt, it wouldn't happen. Not as hated as the Toffee Tornado, but still an annoying obstacle.
    • Every Dreamworld level forces you to endure the moon scale. It forces you to get two different candy colours in equal quantities, or else you'll fail the level. It's entirely possible for a single unrelated combo to rapidly make several chains of one of them, resulting in Odus falling off and you losing the level due to pure dumb luck. The unpopularity of this mechanic may have contributed to the Dreamworld being discontinued in May 2015 and removed altogether two years later.
    • Despite only appearing in 27 levels in Reality and 18 in Dreamworld, Toffee Tornadoes were one of the most hated blockers in the game. In their original form, they couldn't be matched with anything, couldn't be removed — not even temporarily — in any way, moved to another random tile and destroyed the candy on it after each move, and left its original tile cracked (thus useless) for a move. They essentially only existed to screw you over by randomly denying you the chance to make certain matches, and made certain levels almost impossible unless you got very lucky. It didn't help that the candies they destroyed affected the moon scale in the web version if the game. Even three nerfs to make them more tolerable couldn't rescue them from the scrappy heap, and they were eventually removed entirely from the standard game with pretty much no one mourning them.
  • Snark Bait: Candy Crush Saga and anything related to it can be easy targets online due to how popular and expensive it can be, including taking the Freemium gaming structure to new heights.
  • Surprise Difficulty: A cutesy candy game with nice visuals and such. Seems fun and easy to play, right? NO.
    • Jelly Levels involving clearing the corner pieces. Doesn't seem too bad, right? Think again. And if that jelly is on the upper corners... well, good luck. You'll need it.
    • Any level having to do with a Mystery Candy. Sure, they can give you beneficial candies (Like Colorbombs) and even candies unavailable without purchasing them (Jelly Fish and Coconut Wheel), but sure... some of the things that can come out from a Mystery Candy include Licorice, 5-layered meringue blocks, bombs (Some which are set to 5 turns), and the worst one of all ... fudge generators.
  • That One Level: A (rather lengthy) list can be found here.
  • That One Disadvantage: The whole Bribing Your Way to Victory deal is the one thing that turns people away from the game, especially the app players.
    • In timed levels, the timer won't wait for you, even if candy is slowly dropping from portals or a Wrapped Candy is waiting to go off (you can't move during those periods). That itself can waste about 30 seconds.
    • In the Dreamworld levels, Odus and the Moon can screw you over worse than the bombs... putting you in a disadvantage on which candies you should and should not set off. Getting that Colorbomb ready, and then realizing that the color you used is a color that is making Odus fall down? You lose a life!
  • That One Puzzle:
    • Some levels don't let you clear jellies the conventional way. You have to actually find a striped candy (that fires in the direction you hope it does) or a certain item combo. Portal missions also get really confusing.
    • There's a level later on that involves trying to clear a bunch of 3 and 4 layer meringue blocks to bring down two ingredients. You better hope the Striped Candies are horizontal...
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Odus's gender was a subject of debate for several months before the developers confirmed him to be male.


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