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Comic Book

  • Complete Monster: In the comic book by David Lapham and German Nobile, the demon who possesses Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus and rechristens himself "Caligula" is a psychopathic trickster who uses his new status as Emperor of Rome to fully indulge in his penchant for sadism. Caligula establishes himself as a heartless sadist when, on a whim, he leads a gang rape and massacre of an entire family of farmers, including the 4 year-old son; he regularly commits similar atrocities. Taking great joy in forcing people to act out "plays" he himself has written, Caligula often uses said plays to force the partakers to cannibalize, rape, and murder each other, often taking part himself. Along with regularly raping and torturing his flesh-and-blood sister, then promising to corrupt her newborn, a product of his raping her, into evil, Caligula also personally butchers people by the dozen, arranges their bodies in "artistic" manners, then rips out their very souls, devouring them and trapping the souls in constant agony. Even when seemingly beaten, Caligula Body Surfs into anyone he can, continuing to murder innocents and devour their souls in a ritual he attempts to use to drive Rome to tear itself apart, and eventually settles in the body of the young Nero, fully planning to obtain the throne once more and destroy Rome for good. Psychopathic, egomaniacal, and with his own twisted sense of "art", Caligula was as wicked as a demon could be, and took great joy in being as evil as possible.


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