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  • And You Thought It Would Fail: A few months before Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy was released, he made a small video addressing his concerns and mentioned that he was not impressed by the footage he had seen. Once the game was released, it quickly became one of his favourite games of all time, feeling that the remastered versions of Crash 1 & 2 were superior to the originals, and that Warped was just as good on both systems.note  He did have some criticisms, but he felt that they were barely noticeable when everything else was so well done.
  • Broken Base:
    • Notable for the "Blossom Blast Bastards" episode. Some viewers see the video still having the usual Caddy charm and jokes. Some others see it as the definite rock bottom when it comes to his main reviews, possibly even beating out the Ballz collab review, which also left a Broken Base on its own. There are also other viewers that see the video more fitting for a Current Quickie video instead of being part of the main show. It helps that Caddy acknowledges at the end of the video that this particular work was shoddy and of very low quality, simply wanting something out for January.
    • The Do It with Puppicarus series quickly fell into this territory at around the same time, with the comments section divided into whether it was a cute sketch show, or a cringy mess. It got to the point where Caddy was forced to cancel the show based on all the negative comments.
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    • As one can tell from reading the comments section, opinions are split on Caddy's negative review of the Hercules PS1 videogame, which is often considered (for example, by JonTron, whose review was even cited in Caddy's video) to be an example of No Problem with Licensed Games. Some agree with him that the game is too difficult, while others say that he was too harsh on the game and that it deserved a slauvage at worst. It should also be noted that some of his criticisms (such as control lag and long load times) do not apply to the PC version of the same game.
    • As the main show goes on: Are the main Caddicarus videos still staying consistent or at least raising in quality? Or have they lost their appeal (or outright declined in quality) as newer episodes are pumped out? Look no more than the comment section of his post-Bubsy reviews for the hints of this.
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    • Cinemaggots is either a breath of fresh air away from video game reviews or is it a poor version of Caddy trying to review films and at times invoking the Bias Steamroller if certain films doesn't fit his quota. This is especially apparent if one frequents his Twitter and notices how incredibly blunt he is if a movie doesn't impress him or pushes a Berserk Button towards a younger audience (if his comments about Ferdinand gave indication). The only factor everyone approves of is Cerys being involved in the series as a secondary option of the reviews.
    • One question: Has Caddy become more negative in recent years? Some fans have noted how incredibly cynical and borderline caustic Caddy has become with his recent videos, in particular with games that tend to fall into the realms of So Okay, It's Average or something that he's familiar with. 2018 didn't help matters where he'd declare something as being "the worst" and went much more ludicrous with videos like The NEXT WORST THING EVER! (It being the long awaited review of Animal Soccer World) and his take on Advent Calendar videos called BADVENT CALENDAR! where he focused on 25 games he called the worst.
      • This particular one has died down a bit in the wake of his videos on the Resident Evil 2 remake and Kingdom Hearts 3 as both videos are him gushing about the games and the latter is his longest video to date.
  • Critical Backlash:
    • The inverse version. A Current Quickie video gave Gone Home an 8/10. Fans are not happy at all, as if they think that the "game" deserves severe trashing instead of praise. Some even decided to swear off Caddy's channel simply because of his opinion. Tread the comments section carefully...
    • Prior to that, Caddy admitted to liking "interactive movie" games like Heavy Rain. The backlash isn't as noticeable as the above, but a few fans have called out Caddy for liking something that (debatably) shouldn't be considered a "game" to them.
    • Watch Day 3 of Cadvent Calendar, then read the comments section. You'll be guaranteed to have a truckload of salt (or more) from the viewers' thoughts alone.
    • His "My Top 10 Unpopular Gaming Opinions" video got a lot of it. Namely, he stated not liking Street Fighter, thinking The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time isn't as good as everyone says it is, and admitting to liking around only 12% of Sonic the Hedgehog games and not liking any of the characters (besides Dr. Eggman).
    • This goes back as early as the Fade to Black review. Comments show that most people actually like the game (with some even calling out on him for unfairly panning the game). Also helps that despite its flaws, it's one of the early 3D third-person adventure games. Doesn't help that most critics pan the game as well, landing this game's status more on Cult Classic.
    • An odd case with his Shadow Man review, as even fans of the game agreed that the PS1 port was a mess. However, once the game showed up on the BADVENT CALENDAR and Caddy expressed no interest in playing the more polished versions, it rubbed them wrong way.
  • Critical Research Failure:
    • In "Scooby-Doo and the Super Shag", Caddy gets upset over how each level's goal is a box of Scooby Snacks, even though you collect far more Scooby Snacks in the levels themselves and there's seemingly no reason for a standard box to be the goal. However, the movie the game was adapted from establishes that collecting a box of Scooby Snacks is how you progress from level to level in the in-universe game that the gang gets stuck in.
    • Caddy plays a Columns clone in the Net Yaroze video and praises it for being an interesting take on Tetris, seemingly unaware that it's an already-established video game series best known for being on the Sega Mega Drive. When someone mentioned this on his Tumblr, he admitted he never heard of the game due to not being familiar with Sega growing up.
    • A similar case happens in the same video as above. In this case, Caddy doesn't seem to be aware that Bouncer 2 (which is praised in the same way as how he commented on Columns, albeit comparing Bouncer 2 with Breakout) is basically a clone of Atari Circus. People had begun pointing that out in the comments as well.
    • At one point during the Legoland review, he did a common mistake of referring to the spider as an insect.
    • In his otherwise-very-positive review of Cuphead, he complains that you can't buy everything in the shop in one playthrough. While you can't buy everything if you only get the coins from the run-and-gun stages, there are enough coins hidden throughout the overworld that you can buy everything in the shop.
    • In his "Peter Pancreas" review, he miscredits Dingo Pictures as the creator of both Peter Pan and Snow White and the Seven Clever Boys, despite the fact that Phoenix Games only ported Dingo's library to the PS2 and Dingo themselves fizzled out around the turn of the century. In actuality, Aqua Pacific was the developer of Seven Clever Boys and Peter Pan. He corrects this in his review of Animal Soccer World, noting the differences between the two creators.
    • The order of his reviews of the Kingdom Hearts series. Most games he takes a look at are in the correct order of release...however, he reviewed 358/2 Days before Kingdom Hearts II (it's an Interquel game set before II, but made after it) and reviewed Dream Drop Distance before Birth By Sleep. To compound the issue, his original title of his Kingdom Hearts II review was (and he's since moved this sentence to the description of the video), "it should really be called 'Kingdom Hearts 4'" and also says that he doesn't care about the right order in his description of it. Yeah, because that's how chronology goes within the Kingdom Hearts series for sure, Caddy!
    • In his Resident Evil review, a Fun Fact segment claims the original soundtrack was composed by Mamoru Samuragochi who had hired a ghost composer because he was going deaf. The original music was actually done by Masami Ueda, and Samuragochi (and his ghost composer) only did the Dual Shock's replacement music. Samuragochi's deafness has also been exposed as a lie since the mid 2010s with his hiring of a ghostwriter as an attempt at covering his lie up. Furthermore, Caddy claims that because of licensing issues with Samuragochi and his composer, all rereleases of the game would be of the Dual Shock version with the replacement music...which is completely untrue for the European PS Store version of the game, which is the previous Director's Cut version with Ueda's soundtrack, is also untrue for the DS version of the game, Deadly Silence which uses Ueda's music unaltered and would also make no sense for the Gamecube remake which uses remixed versions of Ueda's music which, if licensing issues were apparently a thing, would not be the case.
    • In his Caddy's Retrospectives episode on Tekken 3, he states that Jun Kazama "gets decapitated" after her fight with Ogre. For the record, Jun is canonically missing; Ogre hoding her head the arcade intro was shown in her son Jin's (who spent most of the fight having been knocked out by Ogre) perspective, and is based on what he thinks happened during that duel.
    • Caddy's review of Playstation All Stars Battle Royale has some rather odd, surface-level research mistakes: he says Evil Cole plays exactly like Cole (when simply trying out their movesets would have shown their differences, especially their completely different Circle button attacks), notes that the movesets are on completely random buttons (when it's obvious the attacks are grouped by theme - ie, Parappa's square has him use karate, triangle has him use his skateboard, and circle has him use music), and says it plays almost exactly like Smash despite the two games having rather different control layouts and movesets in general.
    • In his video on Crash Twinsanity he gets upset over the game invoking the Evil Twin trope with Evil Crash, despite the fact that Evil Crash is not Crash's brother but instead an Evil Counterpart from the 10th Dimension. The fact that Caddy even looked into the cut content of Twinsanity makes this more baffling as the morality-swapped versions of the main cast are some of the more well-known pieces of cut content from the game.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Towards the end of his Bratz review, he shoots a little girl in the head! It's gruesome, shocking and very much in poor taste. What pushes it over the line again? The little girl was his girlfriend's daughter, who was standing right next to Caddy as he murdered her child! And then he gets her other daughters to destroy the Bratz game like nothing even happened, no one even daring to try to stop him. It's just too messed up to not love.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: Accidentally invoked in "Kids Explain Star Wars", due to the YouTube thumbnail featuring Cerys and Caddy, but given the height difference in the thumbnail it's easy to misconstrue her to be Phoebe (her 8 year old daughter, who wears a flower headband in the video) which could be slightly off-putting. Caddy swiftly changed it when he realized how it looked.
  • Ear Worm:
    • The jingle that closes out each video.
    Aiyaiyaiyaiyai, Aiyaiyaiyai, subscribe!
    Skating the bowl, skating the bowl
    Do some grinds and grab the feet
    Skating the bowl, skating the bowl
    Then I do a jump. BOOM!
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
  • Growing the Beard: Quite literally. The quality of his show seems to have grown along with his beard.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • Caddy's praise about P.T. becomes uncomfortable when Konami removed the game from the PS Store, which in turn later on led up to the cancellation of Silent Hills, but would eventually be rebirthed into Death Stranding.
    • In early 2013, his Destruction Derby 2 review included a joke about the game's violent cover art by commenting how everyone in the car crash on the front cover is dead, bringing up pictures of different characters or people when saying "friends, fathers, etc." The picture he used for "fathers" was James Avery (Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air), who died later that same year.
    • In his Tekken 7 review, Caddy mentioned that Tekken Bowl was rumored to be coming soon as DLC and hoped that the latter wasn't true. The mode did come out but his worries about it being paid turned out to be true.
  • He Panned It, Now He Sucks!:
    • Caddy's own thoughts on Ocarina of Time in his "My Top 10 Unpopular Gaming Opinions" got the ire of many fans, especially when it felt he was blatantly agreeing with Arin's own retrospective on it. He even admitted the video pretty much solidified his thoughts on it.
      • "My Top 10 Unpopular Gaming Opinions" also earned him the hate of the Sonic the Hedgehog fanbase after he panned everything about the series.
      • He got as well some hate from the Street Fighter fanbase in that same video.
      • He got also a inverted case (He Didn't Pan It, Now He Sucks) in, again, the same video, when he said that he doesn't understand the hate towards mobile gaming.
      • The video's sequel got even MORE hate with its even greater controversial opinions, even some of Caddy's most steadfast fans feel the video is clickbait at best.
    • As he himself mentions, he got crucified by Twitter when he mentioned he doesn't like Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase.
    • Caddy tends to do this on his own Twitter, as seen at the many comments when he bashed the Goosebumps movie and any movie done by David F. Sandberg. He arguably does this with any movie he goes to see, immediately commending them if they don't fit his high standards.
      • He got the ire of fans especially when he complained about how Incredibles 2 was gonna take place after the events of the game The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer, which is a fan favorite.
    • Caddy brought this in spades with his mentions of how he didn't like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain over its story, with some pointing out how Konami's Executive Meddling is the reason the story became the way it is. This hasn't stopped him from reminding people how it sucked in his eyes.
    • Caddy got immense flack for his primarily-critical review of God of War (PS4). Not helped that the first title of the review was "GOD OF DISAPPOINTMENT" and garnered a slew of people calling him out on it and Caddy's more or less than stellar response which led to him begrudgingly changing the title to "IS IT REALLY 10/10?". It's even become a sore point for people who watch his show, if his movie comments gave more flack.
    • It didn't take long for Caddy to receive some guff for his Top ten WORST things in Spyro Reignited Trilogy, many feeling the list was riddled with nitpicks outside of the game's glitches and some outright calling Caddy a nostalgic contrarian (despite assuring everyone that he loves the remake).
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • In Destruction Derby 2, he jokes about the shortness and incompleteness of the game's Wikipedia article. The article was greatly revised since then, and became a "good article" in 2017.
    • In his review of Rascal, he calls a boss he fights "a big, smelly goat" who's too cute for him to fight. A few months later...
    • In his roster wishlist for Play Station All Stars Battle Royale, he included Cloud from Final Fantasy VII. Then he got in Super Smash Bros..
    • In his "Cringing at my First Video", Caddy was about to slaughter Miracle Space Race before his birthday celebration. A few months later, he ended up reviewing the game.
    • Not long after his review of Peppa Pig a news story broke out that kids had been inadvertently exposed to graphic parody videos of kids TV shows including Peppa, with scenes of animated violence and bad language. Some wondered if Caddy had anything to do with it.
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks!: Some people feel Caddy doesn't offer anything new and is just repeating himself through his Caddicarus show. Most fans now are just waiting until he finally does his retrospective on Spyro the Dragon.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Caddy's sense of humour usually involves a lot of jumpscares which can catch a lot of people off guard. These can often pop up during any video and doesn't have to be a horror related review however they are seen to be humourous and not to outright scare but it can still really startle people whether it's his use of distorted and highly amplified audio or flashing images which sometimes pop up now and again during the videos.
    • His Halloween special with Jordan Underneath has a bit of this thanks to Jordan. Literally the first two seconds of Jordan's appearance, in fact.
    Caddy: Hey, Jordan, it's me-
    Jordan: (With sunken-in, unnatural-looking eyes) FUCK OFF CADDY!
    • His #1 in his "My Top 10 Things in Games that Scared Me as a Kid!" video...just it needs to be seen to be believed. Not helped that he uses the enemies from the game as a Jump Scare at the end.
    • From the Casper: A Spirited Beginning video:
    Caddy: ~Roses are red, violets are blue...
    Floating head of I Hate Everything: I know where you live, and I'm watching you.
    • His rendition of "This Little Piggy" from Classic Nursery Rhymes is genuinely unsettling.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Caddy's sister started making regular appearances on Playstation Access in 2019, making her appearances in his videos this for Access fans.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!:
    • Many people don't like the new thumbnail and intro that were introduced in the Bubsy is 3D in Furbitten Planet review.
    • The same reaction happens when he changed his channel icon to match the art style used for the updated thumbnail.
      • By some extension, the abrupt change to the channel's theme song, going more electronic based.


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