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  • Base-Breaking Character: His past coworkers have expressed differing opinions on him as both a wrestler and as a person in general.
    • "Gentleman" Chris Adams said that they had some great matches together in World Class and grew to like each other as a result.
    • Arn Anderson said that Buzz could beat the shit out of anyone and that his and Ric Flair's matches against Buzz and The Great Muta were like a bar fight every night.
    • "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan said that Buzz wasn't a good guy and that they'd beat the crap out of each other in the ring because they didn't like each other.
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    • MagnumTA said that he would say that Buzz screwed him over, "but he's dead so I'll be respectful." He adds that Buzz was very talented, but "as a man of morals and high ethics, that's where it all stopped."
    • "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff said that Buzz was a maniac but he could work in the ring and that it's sad that he died because he was a good hand but was his own worst enemy.
    • Jake "The Snake" Roberts said that he had no good memories of working with Buzz and that he and his brother Brett ripped off Magnum T.A. who had gone to them for training. (There's a story that Mark "The Undertaker" Callaway tried to get Buzz to train him and that Buzz taught him how to lock up and left town the next day.)
    • Rick Steiner said that he learned a lot from riding with Buzz and called him one of the great ring generals.
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    • Kevin Sullivan said that he hated working with Buzz because he would want to go 45 minutes if the office told him to go 20 and that Buzz could have made money if he hadn't been messed up on drugs.
    • Kevin Von Erich said that he and Buzz respected each other.
    • The Road Warriors said that Buzz was the only person who resented their big push in Georgia and that he was an asshole to everybody.
    • The Sheepherders/Bushwhackers said that Buzz was a hell of a guy but very crazy and just got worse and worse, adding that he was so messed up on drugs that he could go out in public and just pass out into his food.
    • Jim Cornette said that Buzz was a drugged-up lunatic. He relates a match between the Midnight Express and Buzz and Brett Sawyer in Crockett Promotions, where booker Dusty Rhodes gave strict instructions for no one to touch Jim Cornette so they could save that bit for the upcoming Rock N' Roll Express feud. Buzz instead decides to smack Cornette in the face hard enough to make his nose bleed, causing Cornette to whack Buzz in the head with his tennis racket (which had a horseshoe taped inside of it). Buzz confronted them in their trailer/dressing room, almost leading to Dennis Condrey shooting Buzz with his .44 Magnum. He states that Buzz would also show up hungover to the matches and steal the jobbers's ring gear to wear, never giving it back after he was finished.

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