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  • Badass Decay: Moka. While she did not have a lot of victories in the first arc, she performs well enough that she could beat the Champion of the Tournament if not for her Heroic BSoD. After the Time Skip, any time she gets into a fight one of three things can happen:
    • She tires out before the opponent after it becomes a stalemate,
    • She gets outskilled is outmatched by the opponent, or
    • She gets tricked by her opponent.
  • Hollywood Pudgy: Moka doesn't look that fat, she even looks healthy normal.
    • Possibly averted or even inverted - her scale registers as 62.5kg, which is about 138lbs, while her height is given as 155cm, which is 5'1" (fyi: a "healthy" girl who is barely over 5 feet tall should weigh about 110-120lbs, or 50-55kg); oddly enough, however, she only looks about 10lbs overweight, instead of nearly 20. So she's officially heavier than she looks, actually. In recent chapters, she fainted during practice for attempting to try for radical dieting. It doesn't help that she has anemia on top of starving herself and fainting.

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