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    • Comics: Besides The Kingpin, Daredevil's Arch-Enemy is Bullseye. One of the world's most talented, famous and feared assassins, Bullseye has revealed he rarely spends the money from his assassinations, preferring to kill because of the fun involved. Bullseye led a string of murders and assassinations that culminated in the death of his nemesis Daredevil's lover Elektra. Consumed with hatred after being defeated by Daredevil, Bullseye made it a mission to murder any of Daredevil's friends or loved ones, including his later girlfriend Karen Page. After Bullseye was killed by Daredevil and revived, he was rendered a paralyzed invalid in a metal case. In retaliation, Bullseye recruited several killers to his cause and began a systematic campaign to drive Matt insane by threatening the lives of his friends, lovers, ex-wife and anyone he held dear, proving that even being a cripple does nothing to stop his evil or his willingness and ability to destroy whatever Matt loves. When recruited by Norman Osborn, Bullseye took advantage of his position on the Dark Avengers to torment and kill innocents on a whim. Even when not on the job, Bullseye takes great glee in random acts of cruelty, from slaughtering an intersection of people—using mainly paper clips—to alleviate boredom, to starting a gang war that will lead to countless deaths just to bask in the suffering of others. Combining sadism with twisted narcissism and Lack of Empathy for anyone, Bullseye sets the standards of evil for hitmen in the Marvel-verse and serves as an inspiration to many of its killers and monsters.
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    • Film: He is a swaggering Psycho for Hire who prides himself on his unerring aim and his total lack of regard for human life. Retained by the aforementioned Wilson "The Kingpin" Fisk as a troubleshooter, Bullseye is a mess of barely contained violence who regularly murders in his off time. Over the course of the film he kills a man for insulting him in a bar; chokes an elderly woman to death for talking too much on a plane; murders another man in order to steal his motorcycle; and stabs one of Fisk's guards to death with pencils after deciding he'd rather not go through security. That's in addition to killing Nikolas and Elektra Natchios, and two of their bodyguards, on Fisk's orders, and trying to hunt down an already wounded Daredevil for the heinous crime of making him miss.
    • Bullseye, by Ed Brisson et al.: Teodor Zarco is a Columbian drug lord who lords over the Black Knife Cartel with a sadistic, iron fist. Teodor gained infamy when he captured a squad of federal agents investigating his activities and tortured to death everyone who has ever known them in front of the agents one by one. Planning to expand the Black Knife to America, Teodor is introduced torturing a man to death as slowly as he can, and later is seen getting ready to butcher dozens of his minions who were stealing some of his drugs, planning to cut them all up and ship them to their mothers in little baggies. Upon being investigated by more federal agents, Teodor captures them all and plans to feed them to his pet tiger, before betraying and trying to kill his American partner just for irritating him. Even in a comic featuring the world's greatest assassin Bullseye, Teodor stands out with his sadistically vile actions for a mere drug lord.
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  • Evil Is Cool: Bullseye even if he's a Psycho for Hire still has enough style that it's gained him many fans.

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