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YMMV / Bullet Points

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  • The Woobie: If you thought the mainstream Peter Parker's life sucked, you won't be happy to see what Bullet Points's version has to go through. He doesn't even have the benefit of having Uncle Ben to help raise him, so he ends up as a delinquent kid who doesn't have the discipline to make use of his natural gifts. Life only gets worse for him after he ends up taking too much gamma radiation from a nuclear test site and turning into a rampaging monster after a couple of bullies flip his switch. After being overcome with regret and coming to his senses, he goes to a hospital to see his aunt May, who suffered a mild heart attack after seeing his Hulk form, but he realizes too late that the authorities were waiting for him and ends up in a destructive battle that claims the life of Steve "Iron Man" Rogers and concludes with him running far away from civilization, completely alone. Only the threat of Galactus gets him to come back, but he doesn't even get to live to see himself honored as a hero instead of reviled as a violent beast, dying against the World-Eater with May Parker's name on his lips.

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