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YMMV / Bugs

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Tropes for the television series:

  • Special Effects Failure: They had the budget to do pyrotechnics, but not to do them well. Cars blow up from inside the passenger compartment. People are vapourised by explosions that leave the surroundings barely harmed. In one particularly hilarious example, a bomb going off reveals the "stone" foundation beneath it to be painted plywood (episode 5, "Shotgun Wedding").

Tropes for the children's book series:

  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Mean Green Grabber Bugs, essentially scorpions, are one of the few outright malicious bugs in the series, snapping their claws and threatening other bugs.
    • In the video game adaptation of More Bugs in Boxes, in the Juice Bar, there is a Jump Scare of a bright red monster with sharp teeth and tentacles that pops up out of the bar. The monster's screeching roar and sudden appearance is extremely loud and out of place in the otherwise child-friendly and colorful educational game, compounded with the fact that its appearance is never explained and none of the other characters react to it in the slightest.

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