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YMMV / Brutus Beefcake

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  • Badass Decay: Pretty much inevitable after his injury and having to take almost three years off.
  • Dork Age: His WCW run.
  • Fashion-Victim Villain (as a heel)
  • Growing the Beard: Beefcake became a decent/good wrestler by the end of 1989. Spending a year in matches with Ted DiBiase, Rick Martel and Randy Savage probably helped.
    • While he has a reputation (that's not entirely unfair) of riding Hulk Hogan's coattails, fans of the late 80's will remember that Beefcake was pretty over with the fans as a solid mid-card act and was a perennial contender for the Intercontinental title.
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In re the Zodiac shouting "YES! NO! YES! NO!": Daniel Bryan anyone?
  • Memetic Loser: His career never recovered after his accident and his poor booking and constant gimmick changes in WCW have made it impossible for most fans to take him seriously.
  • Memetic Mutation: Brutus "the fucking Barber" Beefcake. explanation 
    • Listing all the different names he used over his career.
  • Never Live It Down: He's far more known for being Hulk Hogan's buddy and his 18 different gimmicks than for everything else in his career.
  • Satellite Character: Whether he was Hogan's brother, sidekick or blood rival, for most of his career he was defined by his relationship to the Hulkster.
  • Tear Jerker: As noted above, Beefcake was starting to really hit his stride as 1989 wound down, and 1990 was looking to be even better for him; he even notched a WrestleMania win over Mr. Perfect. Whatever waited for him down the road, if not for that parasailing accident, is a tragic "What If".


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