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  • Base-Breaking Character: As exciting a performer as Brody could be when he wanted to be, he could be just as bad if he wasn't in the mood. His tendency to walk out if he didn't like something, or stink up the arena if leaving wasn't an option, has left some segments of wrestling fans with a divided opinion of him.
    • It's not just the fans. His co-workers had a divided opinion of him as well.
      • Terry Funk said in 1998 that Brody would have still been active if he had been alive at the time and that ECW would have been perfect for him.
      • Bobby Heenan wrote in his autobiography, Bobby the Brain: Wrestling's Bad Boy Tells All, how he had no respect for Brody because of how Brody's tendency to screw over promoters, to prevent them from possibly screwing him over, also screwed over the other wrestlers.
      • Harley Race has called Brody his own worst enemy.
      • Kevin Sullivan said that Brody didn't bullshit you.
      • Vader said that he learned stiffness as a rookie in the AWA while working with Brody and, as a result, proceeded to beat the hell out of his opponents until the Gagnes told him that Brody was the exception and not the rule.
      • Kevin Von Erich, who had worked with Brody in the family's World Class Championship Wrestling promotion in Dallas, Texas, said that Brody was tight with Fritz Von Erich (patriarch/promoter) and was like a brother to them.
      • "Cowboy" Bill Watts called Brody a great talent whose word was worthless, since he'd no-show or try to hold the promoter up for more money.
      • The Road Warriors have cited Brody as one of the people they credit for their success.
      • The Sheepherders/Bushwhackers said that they loved Brody because he was a big rugged man who had married a New Zealand woman. While he was a great businessman, he sometimes hurt the business.
      • Ric Flair says Brody was a great guy, just that he would refuse to work and return his wins in order to protect his spot in All Japan Pro Wrestling, which got him in trouble
      • Honky Tonk Man said Brody was the nicest guy you could find if you were simply a pro wrestler but really didn't like promoters, there only being a few promoters Brody got along with.
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  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Was a big box-office draw in Japan.
  • Too Cool to Live

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