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YMMV / Broken Arrow (1996)

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  • Awesome Music: Hans Zimmer's theme song.
  • Complete Monster: Vic "Deak" Deakins, was a man with a 20 year career in the US military. After being unhappy with being passed over for promotion for officers he considered his inferior, Deakins decided to steal some nuclear missiles and use them to extort money from the US government. While trying to steal the nukes from a training exercise, Deakins tries to murder his "friend", Riley Hale. Mercenaries under Deakins command murder some civilians who are near the drop zone where the nukes would be delivered and then they kill a US military team assigned to recover the lost nukes. Deakins tampers with the keypads on the nukes, so they would detonate if anyone tries to deactivate them. Later in the film, Deakins kills Pritchett, the man financing this operation, for annoying him with his complaining and comments that this is the first person he has ever killed face to face and he doesn't see what the big deal is. Near the end of the film, after Hale destroys the helicopter Deakins was planning on his using to escape the blast radius, Deakins decides to set off the nuke any way and attempts to kill hundreds of thousands of people, out of spite.
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  • Memetic Mutation: This movie is responsible for the name of the Howie Scream, a stock scream sound similar to the Wilhelm Scream which is played here during Howie Long's character's death.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • Raymond Cruz, who about twelve years later would become known for playing the character Tuco Salamanca in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, has a brief, uncredited role towards the end of the film as the soldier describing the effects of the nuke.
    • Kurtwood Smith, later known as Red Forman on That '70s Show, plays the Secretary of Defense.
      • To be fair, he was then known for playing the villain in RoboCop.
    • The late Daniel Von Bargen, best known for playing George's boss Mr. Kruger on Seinfeld, and later Commandant Spengler on Malcolm in the Middle, plays a USAF general.
    • We also have French Stewart, known for his role as Harry Solomon on 3rd Rock from the Sun, in the brief role of "Frenchy", one of the crewmen attempting to track Deakins' and Hale's stealth bomber.
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  • Special Effect Failure: When the nuke impales Deakins at the end, it is obviously a dummy.
  • What an Idiot!: At one point, Hale has both nukes and sets one to detonate. His plan is to leave them side by side so that the one will destroy the other. But he doesn't smash or disable the unarmed one so that it'll be useless just in case Deak retrieves it.
    • For that matter, he could have simply dropped both down the mineshaft elevator, which would have smashed both and rendered them inert, without one even having to go off. Outside of their casings, nuclear warheads are not terribly durable. Of course, it's possible that he didn't KNOW that that would destroy them, but given the man's training, he should have.
      • Not really. The weapons were designed to, among other things, do a delayed detonation after being dropped onto the ground at supersonic speeds. Getting dropped down a mineshaft isn't that big a deal by comparison.
  • Tear Jerker: The description of what would happen if a nuclear weapon goes off in the middle of Denver, with accompanying Spreading Disaster Map Graphic and Storyboarding the Apocalypse narration from a soldier that is slowly breaking down from having to talk about such horror in factual terms, intercut with Deakins forcing Terry at gunpoint to enter the bomb's arming code.


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