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YMMV / Bring Me All Your Elderly!

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  • Aangst? What Aangst?: A couple of examples:
    • At one point, Aang briefly starts to have an existential crisis about whether or not any of them, as fictional characters, actually have any volition at all, or whether they're all just puppets being controlled by the author... But both he and Katara quickly handwave the question.
      Katara: I know it's tempting, but you can't get into a deep philosophical ramble about the meaning of life right now. This is supposed to be a funny story!
      Aang: Oh. Oh yeah. Heh heh... Existentialism.
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    • When Awng discovers Movie!Zutara, he gets over it remarkably quickly, saying that Katarola was too needy for him anyway.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Although the entire fic is chock full of random, there are a couple of particularly out-of-nowhere moments that have little-to-no effect on the actual plot or the other characters:
    • The part where four anonymous Waterbenders appear out of nowhere, kill Zhao, and then decide to go out for sushi. That this actually happened in the movie (minus the sushi part) just makes it even better.
    • Katarola and Z-Patel just stopping in the middle of their big fight, realizing that they're attracted to each other, and suddenly making out. They continue to make out in the background while the rest of the characters just move on with the story, doing their best to ignore them.
  • Ham and Cheese: Movie!Zhao, big time. Did he tell you about the Secret Spirit Library he found??!?!!1!?
    • Also Lord Shyamalan, after his Villainous Breakdown.
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    • Z-Patel definitely has his moments, too. Much to Zuko's annoyance.
  • The Scrappy: Katarola.
    • Most of the Movie!Characters, really. Except for Yue, and Awng at the end of the fic.
      • Mostly averted by Eeroh though, who Iroh finds spot on, save his dreadlocks and thinner build.
  • Squick: Katara does not take it well when Sockson, the live action version of her brother, starts coming onto her with bad pickup lines.
    • In a similar vein, Aang is squicked out by Katarola's sudden attempt to make out with him, questioning how it's even possible since he's animated and she's not.
      • It does lead to a fun little bit where Katara squeezes and fusses over him while he's shivering from squick...
      Aang: I... I just feel so... Violated!
      • ...and later a bit of smugness when he realizes that he had two Kataras fighting over him.
      Aang: ...Flameo!
    • Most of the Animated!Characters are pretty weirded out by Movie!Zutara.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Subverted. Aang's entire reasoning for why Awng has to save the Movie!Universe instead of him is because "no matter how Lord Shyamalan ruined the movie and the Movie Characters, he can't ever take anything away from us. We're all fine just the way we are." Sokka agrees that they are pretty awesome.
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  • Wangst: Most of the movie-based characters, at least when they’re not in Dull Surprise mode. But special mention must go to always-on-the-verge-of-tears Katarola, angry-all-the-time-for-no-reason Sockson, and of course, emotionally-tortured Z-Patel.
    Z-Patel: You just don't understand! I did not throw a tantrum! I'm a tragic character with lots of issues!
  • The Woobie: Awng may be badly acted, but he's a ten year old kid that's completely over his head, is not entirely sure how to act, and has bad material too.

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