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YMMV / Brennus, Enemy of Rome

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  • Complete Monster: The titular Brennus is a bloodthirsty warlord who leads an army of barbarians through the early Roman Empire, causing bloodshed and devastation on a massive scale to satisfy his greed and lust for power. Routinely having civilians tortured and killed, Brennus promises Nissia that he will spare the town of Clusium if she agrees to marry him, only to reveal that he never had any intention of keeping his word. Personally responsible for the death of one of hero Quintus Fabius's brothers, Brennus conspires with Decius Vatinius in order to seize all of Rome's riches for himself, and cruelly mistreats Nissia as he tries to force himself upon her. After demanding a ransom of a thousand libras of gold in exchange of Rome's safety, Brennus has his men arbitrarily raise the price, and when the Romans finally turn the tables on him, he abandons his men to their fate, and kills Vatinius after the latter shows him an escape route.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Mauro's death serves as this for both Turnus, who commits the deed, and Vatinius, who orders it.
    • The slaughter of Clusium's civilian population is this for Brennus. In-universe, his breaking of an oath made in front of a sacred altar counts as well.

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