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YMMV / Breaking Bad S 4 E 5 Shotgun

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  • What an Idiot!: Hank is at a dinner party with the Whites when he announces that "Heisenberg" has been found dead and was actually Gale Boetticher.
    You'd Expect: Walt would congratulate his brother-in-law for nailing a dangerous criminal, or at least keep quiet.
    Instead: He derides Gale as an amateur who couldn't possibly have been smart enough to be Heisenberg. Now, to be fair, Walt was inebriated, and Walt deriding Gale isn't out-of-character for him, as Walt's pride won't let anyone else get credit for what he sees as his, but still...
    As a Result: ...saying it to Hank's face is enough to prompt Hank to reopen his investigation. Though later on, it's implied that, subconsciously, Walt is trying to get Hank to catch him out of the belief that he would be safe from Gus in prison and could drag Gus down with him.

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