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YMMV / Bramwell

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  • Narm: Sir Herbert, particularly at the beginning of the series. It's hard to say whether this is a deliberate caricature of a Victorian gentleman or slightly bad acting, but his facial expressions are to die for.
  • Squick: The majority of the surgery scenes stray into this due to the methods of the time- not to mention how Frederick died.
    • One episode features this trope in a young woman fond of swallowing needles and pins. And shoving them under her skin. Wherever she could. Fun girl.
  • Strangled by the Red String: Twice. Eleanor's abrupt engagement to Marsham, especially considering that she rebuffed his advances a few years prior and it was never spoken of again. There is at least the acknowledgement that she's only accepting his proposal to avoid spinsterhood, rather than telling the viewer that she's fallen madly in love with him. Possibly because of this, she quickly throws this away to have Wall Bang Her sex with an Army major she barely knows. The series concludes with their wedding, and even that is mostly because she's pregnant.