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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: In "Vegging Out" Sharon becomes anemic and the doctor suggests that she might have to give up her vegetarian diet in order to get her iron blood level back up. However, Sharon (and by extension, the audience) only hears this statement from her mother, Helen, who was the one who received the phone call about the anemia diagnosis. Did the doctor really suggest that Sharon start eating meat again, or did Helen make the suggestion sound like it was coming from the doctor out of concern for her daughter and didn't want Sharon to blow up at her if the suggestion sounded like it came from her since Sharon has a tendency to self-righteous about vegetarianism and has a tendency to blow up at Helen if she says something that Sharon doesn't like?
  • Anvilicious: After Sharon became a vegetarian, virtually every other episode featured Sharon shoving animal rights down people's throats:
    • In one specific episode, Adam is trying to get in good graces with his girlfriend Hannah's father, so at Sharon's urging, he joins the duck conservation group he runs. However, when Sharon finds out that the group condones hunting, she goes off on a rant on how evil it is. She even tells off Hannah (who happens to be a Granola Girl vegetarian herself) for pointing out that the group supports hunting because it helps prevent overpopulation issues in the animals and hunting doesn't cause all environmental issues, especially when it's done ethically. Despite the fact that these are very legitimate arguments, Sharon brushes them off by saying that nature would work its way out. By the end of the episode, she gets her brother to tell the people off for supporting hunting (though what started it off mostly had to do with the group mocking Sharon's vegetarian views).
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    • There was, of course, the standard Free the Frogs episode, although it is mostly anvilicious since the frogs are pre-killed in real life, and Sharon befriending an otherwise bitchy character solely for agreeing with her about the frog.
    • At the end of the episode where Sharon becomes vegetarian and learns to accept that Alden doesn't see anything wrong with eating meat, she says she can still "work on him" when they're married.
    • Ironically, in season three she has to learn to eat meat due to acquiring anemia. It's possible that this has something to do with Alicia Silverstone, Sharon's first voice actress and the one plugging the environmentalism, leaving the show in season three.
  • Best Known for the Fanservice:
    • Possibly due to it being female geared, many men mainly remember Braceface for the breast expansion episode.
    • Likewise, folks with foot fetishes cite this show as the main reason they watch, since the series really seemed to like lingering on shots of bare or socked feet.
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  • Critical Research Failure: In "Just Quacks" Sharon argues against hunting by pointing out "there used to be millions of [buffalos] and they almost went extinct because of hunters". However, this is just a very broad generalization. Yes, the buffalo almost went extinct because of overhunting, but the Indigenous American civilizations that lived in the Great Plains of the United States and Canada hunted buffalo because they were the only consistent animal around that gave them everything they needed for their civilizations to survive, and they never hunted more than they needed. It wasn't until European settlers came along that buffalo got overhunted, because the US and Canadian Governments encouraged settlers to kill off buffalo as a political and social ploy to cut off the Indigenous peoples' main food source so they could steal their lands and force them onto reservations. So, yes, the buffalo went nearly extinct because of overhunting but that was purely motivated by one culture trying to destroy several other cultures' traditions and ways of life.
  • Girl-Show Ghetto: Somewhat subverted, it is a typical teenage girl show as one would expect. But it does end up tackling some pretty important issues such as relationships (both familial and budding), racism, homosexuality, ethical views and changes within one's body as they make their way through adolescence, which considering the time period this came out (2001), was still rather unheard of in a kid's show. Heck, it's theorized this was the reason Disney dropped the show after the second season due to being scared off by the heavier subject matter when airing it on its parent network. note . Although it's more likely that Disney simply had no interest in a still relatively niche show not produced by them, given that they were canceling a lot of other shows acquired by their buyout of FOX Family with Beyblade and Power Rangers being the exception likely due to toy sales.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Sharon's younger brother is voiced by Michael Cera, in one of his many roles during his childhood acting career before he was known in the United States for playing George Michael Bluth on Arrested Development and the title character on Scott Pilgrim Vs The World.
  • Strawman Has a Point: In "Just Quacks", Sharon finds out that the duck conservation group Adam is planning to join also support hunting as a way to prevent duck overpopulation. When she confronts Hannah (whose father runs the group) about this, Hannah points that hunting is actually a major part of conservation, that hunting isn't a crime, not every animal population crisis is caused by hunting, and the group her father runs follows ethical guidelines when it comes to their hunting, such as bag limits and not hunting out of season. Sharon brushes all these points off by believing that nature would balance itself out if hunters didn't exist (which Hannah immediately shoots down), and the show obviously sides with Sharon. However, this doesn't change the fact that Hannah's points are legitimate and true.
  • Values Dissonance: In "Dissection Connection", Sharon and Tally, after their protest to get rid of frog dissection on real animals goes nowhere, eventually resort to freeing the live frogs in a nearby pond. The principal suspends both of them for stealing school property (especially since the frogs were supposed to be pre-killed, but there was a mix-up in the delivery that resulted in live ones being delivered and the biology teacher was going to send the live frogs back in order to get the pre-killed frogs), but other than that there are hardly any consequences. However, with invasive species becoming even more of an environmental issue, and the public now much more aware of how dangerous they can be to environments, Sharon and Tally would have also been legally charged with knowingly spreading an invasive species around if they had done so today because the live frogs would not be the same species as those that were living in that pond.


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