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  • Anti-Climax Boss: All three of the boss encounters with Montross are insultingly easy (and anticlimatic, given Jango's rivalry with him);
    • Your first fight inside the Industrial Sector; Jango can just run in circles and whittle down his health without getting shot once.
    • After the tough Death Stick factory level on Malastare, you're treated to a very easy boss fight with Montross, who just flies around on a skiff, moving as slow as molasses as he shoots at you or occasionally fires a rocket at you, and can be quickly pummeled with your own rockets or even just your blasters.
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    • On the Burial Moon, you fight him one last time, but this time, Montross has his Mandalorian armor fully equipped. Despite this, it's barely any harder than the previous fights, since Montross isn't that smart or resilient of an opponent, and if you do die during the fight and come back, his health will remain the same.
    • You'd think with all the buildup to it, the second Krayt Dragon fight would be a very hard boss encounter, but as long as Jango sticks to the ground (and out of the way of merciless rocket launchers surrounding Gardulla's chamber) it's a very easy, if tedious, boss fight, because the Krayt Dragon is just so slow and such a huge target, that you can practically walk circles around it while pummeling it with your rockets and blasters.
  • Breather Boss: After the brutal Oovo IV level, you're treated to a very easy boss at the final part, which you can just shoot into oblivion, since its lasers are easy to dodge and its rockets only sporadically fire and are likewise fairly easy to avoid.
    • The aforementioned Montross encounters, especially relieving since the second and third levels you fight him in are so tough.
  • Breather Level: After the one-two punch of Oovo IV and the brutal first level of Malastare, the second part of Malastare just has you escort Zam Wesell. Aside from the last stretch where you're at the mercy of rocket launching mooks, its a short and easy change of pace before you're thrown into the tough as nails death stick factory. Unlike most escort missions, Zam is in no real danger and just waits for you to kill all the mooks before she makes her move, which helps makes the level a big relief.
    • Gardulla the Hutt's Palace is a rather short and straightforward combat level, and while it can be annoying, it's much easier than the really hard desert canyon level preceding it. The Krayt Dragon is also a very easy boss to fight as long as you stick to the ground.
  • Complete Monster: Montross is a ruthless Mandalorian Bounty Hunter with a love for murder and hunting. First introduced in the comic Jango Fett: Open Seasons, Montross is presented as a particularly vicious Mandalorian who takes extra time to shoot and kill fleeing enemy troops, and ultimately betrays his noble boss and leaves him to die so as to take control of their group himself. Exiled upon this act, Montross becomes a bounty hunter who kills for sport more than anything else, as seen when he smugly murders a man begging for his life, proclaiming that, even though the man is worth more alive, he's "worth enough dead". Commissioned by Count Dooku to hunt down a rogue Dark Jedi, Montross tortures and murders his way across the galaxy in his hunt, culminating in him torturing his Arch-Enemy Jango Fett's best friend, Rozatta, to near death, before using her as a lure for Jango. Once Jango arrives at Outland Station, Montross blows the entire station up, wiping out its thousands of occupants in a mad attempt at murdering Jango. A despicable sociopath with nothing but cruelty driving him, Montross stands out even among Mandalorians and bounty hunters as a vile individual.
  • Demonic Spiders:
    • The Nexu on Malastare. They're highly resilient, strong, masters of the Deadly Lunge and they're completely silent. The only efficient way to slay them is to use the poison darts, otherwise they soak up a lot of blaster fire. Worst of all, the flamethrower doesn't even phase them and they're more than capable of attacking even while on fire (though it does still eventually kill them). The Tusken Raiders' massiffs on Tatooine are the same way.
    • Any enemy with an explosive weapon, or the Tusken Raiders' massiffs on Tatooine.
    • Any enemy with a rapid fire blaster cannon, E-Web cannon or a sniper rifle is guaranteed to make your life miserable, especially since Jango has no Mercy Invincibility and can be killed by their weapons in just seconds. To make matters worse. they frequently show up later in the game and are more than willing to attack you in groups—no Mook Chivalry here!
    • The Bando Gora you encounter late in the Death Stick factory on Malastare, and again in Gardulla's palace—and they're everywhere in the final levels. They're quiet as a mouse and very good at sneak attacking and swarming Jango, and can chew through his health in seconds. And then there are some that can shoot very accurate, rapid fire poison darts at you from a distance. Fortunately, they have a glaring weakness to the flamethrower.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Komari Vosa absolutely fits this trope.
  • Game-Breaker: The flamethrower. Any humanoid enemy hit by this will promptly stop attacking you and begin running around on fire until they die. It is perhaps the best approach for dealing with melee enemies - not even the Bando Gora can stand up to it. In fact, the last few levels can be almost effortlessly passed with the flamethrower.
  • Goddamn Bats: Many enemies, especially snipers and artillery men.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Watch Attack of the Clones again after you see how Jango and Zam formed a mutual if rocky partnership in this game (with Zam even saving his life near the end), only for Jango to quickly kill Zam with a poison dart to keep her from revealing his identity to Anakin and Obi Wan in the movie.
  • Moment of Awesome: Jango manages to defeat Komari Vosa alone using only his pistols against her lightsabers.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • The Bando Gora followers are quite scary. Must be their glowing red eyes or the fact that they barely look human at all (or whatever they were before they became Bando Gora).
    • The Moon of Bogden level. It's a planet-wide graveyard, filled with massive tombs and shrouded in a thick poisonous mist. As an added bonus, it's where the Bando Gora have their headquarters, so expect to see hordes of black-hooded creatures leaping out at you.
    • Montross's ultimate fate. After being beaten by Jango, he's left for the Bando Gora to finish off. Though there's no blood or gore, the sound effects of him being ripped apart coupled with his screams of agony more than makes up for that.
  • No Problem with Licensed Games: Its on the repetitive side and can be a little too hard for its own good, but it's a fairly solid game with an excellent story and some great voice acting, as well as some above-average level design. In short, it won't be winning any Game of the Year awards, but it's an enjoyable action romp.
  • Player Punch: Roz gets tortured and killed by Montross. Keeping this in mind, his ghastly demise is far more enjoyable.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The inverted x-axis controls fly in the face of every shooter ever.
  • Scrappy Weapon: Thermal detonators are not just useless, but an active danger to poor Jango's health! In theory, they can instantly kill a cluster of enemies, but in practice they usually just bounce of uselessly in to the distance or straight back in to your face. Made worse by every other weapon in the game being able to either lock on to a target or being the flamethrower.
  • Tear Jerker: Roz's posthumous message shows how much she really cared about Jango. Considering it comes from a Toydarian, a race known for greed and selfishness, this is quite surprising. Her final words are also implied to be what motivated Jango to have Boba created.
  • That One Boss: While most of the boss fights are a cakewalk, Longo Two Guns is no joke. His level is frustrating enough as it is, but it tops it off with a cramped room stuffed to the brink with heavily armed mooks trying to distract you from going after Longo, and they will mop the floor with you if you don't stay on your toes and avoid trying to take on their boss head-on—Longo is also astoundingly resilient, drawing out the fight even longer. To add insult to injury, you don't have access to your jetpack or flamethrower in the fight.
  • That One Level: Starting from the second level on Oovo IV, damn near all of them.
    • "The Break Out" is stuffed with an overwhelming number of enemies armed to the tooth, and throws a very tricky chasm late into it that requires perfect timing with your jetpack to cross—and even if you find the jetpack power-up, you still have to contend with killing most of the enemies across the bridges to open the door at the end, and some of them are armed with rockets.
    • "Jungle Trek" is a long level loaded with enemies, including snipers, and throws in some Nexu, some of the nastiest enemies in the game, just to make your life miserable. And then after a relieving escort level, you're tossed into the underground Death Stick factory, which is filled with some of the toughest platforming segments in the game, and even throws in some Bando Gora mooks, which shoot rapid fire poison darts at you, just to make your trip even more miserable.
    • The difficulty really ramps up by Chapter 5. "Longo Two-Guns" sees you put up against packs of heavily-armed thugs without your jetpack, your flamethrower, or your missiles. Oh, and there are also snipers everywhere, ready to pick you off at a moment's notice. At the end, you square off against Longo himself, who is far from a slouch in combat and easily one of the toughest bosses in the game. "Tusken Canyon" is a Marathon Level full of Demonic Spiders and nightmarishly hard platforming. Then there's "Gardulla's Palace", where you have to fight large waves of enemies in extremely tight quarters, and later Bando Gora, before facing Gardulla's Krayt Dragon.
  • That One Sidequest: Collecting all the Secondary Bounties and all the Mandalorian Golden Feathers.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic:
    • Senator Trell. Yes, he's a Corrupt Politician allied with The Cartel... but other than that, his dirtiness is mostly an Informed Attribute — and he even tries to back out altogether (albeit out of cowardice instead of altruism, but still...). And yet he's ultimately given a long (due to his penthouse's elevation) Disney Villain Death by Fett even after telling him what he wants to know — and for no given reason other than "He won't be missed."
    • Bendix Fust. Yes, he's a cowardly drug-dealer, but he's nevertheless stuck in a maximum-security Hellhole Prison while having to live in fear of his Bad Boss managing to get him. And when Zam shows up and proves him Properly Paranoid, he even begs her to just shoot him instead of dragging him off to a Cruel and Unusual Death by said boss. She doesn't, instead forcing him through a riot to cover their escape, and then Fett shows up to partner with her — basically sealing Fust's fate. And later on, the last thing you hear of him is Zam's casual comment that he's being tortured by said boss — exactly what Fust was afraid of.


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