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  • Arc Welding: A minor case, and one introduced entirely for the series, but season four reveals that one man is behind events which, in the books, are totally unrelated.
  • Awesome Music:
    • Can't Let Go by Caught a Ghost.
    • The ending theme whenever an episode ends.
  • Complete Monster: David Harris, aka Raynard Waits, is a psychopath who views himself and his crimes as his monument. After getting caught carrying a corpse in his van, he lies to the LAPD about being responsible for the death of Arthur Delacroix. When he is taken to an abandoned factory, he steals Detective Moore's gun and badge before he kills Detective Escobar and a truck driver and escapes to downtown L.A. Waits hides in his adoptive mother's house and goes on to spend the holidays murdering male prostitutes and constructing a catacomb filled with the skulls and bones of his victims. After his mother asks him to refill her medications, Waits smothers her with a pillow before leaving her corpse to rot on her bed. He also psychologically attacks Bosch, from waving to a security camera after brutally killing a cashier to mocking the death of Bosch's mother by murdering a woman, dressing her as a prostitute, and dumping her in a garbage bin. Determined to reach his endgame of Suicide by Cop, Waits forcibly takes a new mother to his catacomb, leaving her abandoned infant with a card reading "Raynard Waits wishes you a 'Happy New Year!'"
  • Fanfic Fuel: The stories of Bosch and the other LAPD officers before the series started.
    • Bosch's skills used in the military, especially his experience in tunnel warfare/close quarters.
    • Eleanor's time in the FBI before she was forced to resign.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The random linking (by the presence of the same shopkeeper in both books) of Angels Flight with 9 Dragons, given that these were the two main storylines adapted for season four.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The show didn't give a chance to properly wrap up what happened to Layla after she's been tracked down to Italy.

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