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YMMV / Born To Be A Flower

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  • Heartwarming Moments: A lot of them throughout the series.
    • When Pooh opens his heart to Momo about how he's still hurt by the loss of his father, Momo explains why girls' teddy bears become so dirty. "Because we girls drool all over them." They kiss afterward.
    • Despite the circumstances, it's still quite touching to see Pooh's genuine smile as Momo runs away from their wedding. You instantly know that he harbors no ill-will towards her, and that Momo won't be able to get over it as easily as she thinks.
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    • The beginning of the final episode, when Pooh reaffirms his love for Momo and refuses Chiaki's advances. Momo, who's secretly listening in, is moved to tears at his words.
    Pooh: Between a thick mug and a thin, fragile teacup, which of the two is less likely to break?
    Chiaki: The mug?
    Pooh: The high-perched teacup will not break. Because it is cherished.
    • Momo's first flower arrangement independent of the Tsukishima style has her embrace her love for Pooh completely, and gleefully opening her heart to accept him. It leaves Hyoma speechless, and Ichimatsu is convinced to allow her to start her own new school. Her father Takai, watching from the door, is driven to tears.

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